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Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis Programs

Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, Feb 28th 2018

Maximize the abilities of students through cooperative research with mentors at a national laboratory
Increase research opportunities
Provide a learning environment useful to both national laboratories and students
Train the next generation of nuclear scientists

Research areas of interest may include:

Nuclear Security Technologies: Material protection, control, and accounting, Radiation detection, Safeguards Transportation technologies, Arms control assessments, Fissile material, Detection Export control, Fissile material disposition, Nuclear threat reduction

Nuclear Systems Analysis, Design, and Safety: Radiation shielding, Systems analysis, Reactor physics, Facility safety, Criticality safety, Risk assessment, Thermal hydraulics, Regulatory support, Nuclear data and codes, System instrumentation and controls, Material and fuel irradiation, Enrichment technology, Advanced space reactors

Fuels, Isotopes, and Nuclear Materials: Nuclear fuels, Separations science and technology, Heavy element production, Nuclear process and equipment design, Stable and radioactive isotopes, Robotics and remote handling, Medical isotope development, Chemical engineering

How to Apply: 

Must apply at by January 6, 2018 for Spring term.

Must apply at by February 28, 2018 for Summer term (must start by June 15 and end on or after August 10, 2018)

The profile and application (two-step process) will require:

Contact information
Education information (i.e. dates of attendance/graduation, GPAs, majors, etc.)
Awards and honors
Employment information and nature of work
Information on special skills, research, areas of interest and /or expertise
An updated resume
Contact information for references, including email
Unofficial academic record showing name, school name, current classes and GPA - official transcript is not required
Availability dates (if applicable)
For questions, contact