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Postdoctoral Fellow in Energy Data Visualization and Curation

Hiring Agency: 
Energy Institute at Haas and the University Library at the University of California, Berkeley
Application Deadline: 
Friday, Dec 29th 2017

Two-year full time position starting approximately August 2018

The Energy Institute at Haas and the University Library at the University of California, Berkeley seek exceptional researchers with a focus on leadership and impact on digital scholarship, data visualization and data curation. As part of this effort the Energy Institute and Library invite applications for the position of CLIR/DLF Postdoctoral Fellow.

This two-year position is central to the shared goal of the Energy Institute and Library to explore new techniques in data visualization, storytelling with data and creation of original and innovative scholarship in support of energy research and other forms of data-intensive science across the university. The fellow will contribute to the research endeavors of the Energy Institute, will help lead the development of innovative data visualization and storytelling techniques around data; study policy and practical issues around the publishing of data visualizations for sensitive data; coordinate and deliver instruction on data visualization techniques; engage in data curation for visualization tools and products; and engage in original research relevant to their area of expertise.

This position co-reports to Catherine Wolfram, Professor of Business Administration and Faculty Director, Energy Institute at Haas as well as Erik Mitchell the Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Collaborative Services at the University Library.

The ideal candidate brings a trans-disciplinary view and has the ability to work across research disciplines to identify and communicate compelling stories around data. Expertise in data analysis, data visualization and data management techniques are critical qualities of successful applicants.

Within a focus on the creation and curation of data visualization outputs, the Fellow should set an example of research, scholarship, learning, outreach and community engagement. In addition to pursuing their own original research, the Fellow will work with Haas Energy Institute and University Library leadership to identify and pursue new avenues of support for data visualization and data curation and publishing around data visualizations. The ideal candidate will have expertise related to data analysis, visualization or data curation. Successful candidates will possess initiative and a vision of research and service that fits with the Energy Institute and Library missions. As part of this fellowship the incumbent will work with the California Energy Commission to explore new techniques in data visualization and storytelling with data and the creation of original and innovative data intensive analysis in multiple areas.


•    Co-lead research in data visualization and related areas of scholarship. This may involve original research, outreach and program coordination with a wide range of stakeholders and community members.

•    Grow the Energy Institute research unit’s programs through original research in areas such as data visualization, publication of visualization products, curation of visualized products and digital literacies around data visualization. This may require seeking funding sources (both from traditional agencies and novel channels) to further expand original scholarship or software development.

•     Participate in a culture of research across campus. The projects the Fellow will lead will illustrate best practices in data visualization and curation of visualization outputs, providing leadership through practice and instruction.

•     Collaborate with the Energy Institute, Library, Digital Humanities, BIDS, UC and UC Library communities as well as the California Energy Commission in both short-term projects and in longer- term efforts that may require joint funding with partners.

•     Coordinate and participate in educational events for the campus community, ranging from short tutorials to multi-day workshops.

•     Participate in annual retreat activities and contribute to sponsor reports.

Minimum/Basic Qualification at time of application:

PhD with a strong data visualization, energy research methods and/or computational background, regardless of specific discipline.

Additional Required Qualifications by start date of position:

•     Familiarity with research methods in digital scholarship communities

•     Having experience in creating, developing or managing digital research outputs

•     Experience leading workshops in and engaging in instruction

Preferred Qualifications:

•     Experience writing grant proposals

•     Track record of interdisciplinary collaboration with domain scientists from varied domains beyond the original training discipline of the candidate

•     Experience in a scientific programming language

All applicants must meet the minimum CLIR eligibility criteria posted at:

Salary Range: Salary Commensurate with Experience
For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University visit:

How to Apply: 

How to Apply
Applicants must register and apply through CLIR's online application system. Please note this includes submitting three letters of reference. Applicants seeking more information specifically about this position can contact Erik Mitchell, Associate University Librarian [].