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Hiring Agency: 
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, May 31st 2018

Two graduate student research (GSR) positions are available to support a project
focused on exploring the impacts of nuclear weapons with alternative effects
regimes or low yields on global nuclear stability. In collaboration with Sandia
National Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the goal of
this work is to develop and investigate theories of deterrence for nuclear
weapons with alternative effects by constructing and executing serious games
via tabletop exercises and computer-based versions. Using a data-driven
approach, the expected outcome is an improved understanding of what potential
future nuclear weapon characteristics are stabilizing and destabilizing in terms of
conflict escalation.
Policy Thinkers Preference will be given to those with a background or
knowledge in technical or policy aspects of nuclear deterrence; elements of
wargaming; strategic stability; and/or escalation dynamics.

Programmers Preference will be given to candidates with experience in text-
based or graphical computer game programming. Experience in computer

programming (including back-end database development), dedication, and
motivation are required.
The position is for a GSR appointment for the 2017-2018 academic year with full
tuition and fee remission. There is an opportunity for extension in AY18-19 upon
successful performance. Exceptional advanced undergraduate students will
be also be considered for the software development position.

How to Apply: 

To apply, submit a cover letter and CV to
Bethany L. Goldblum, PhD (
Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley
Director, Nuclear Policy Working Group