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Nuclear Innovation Program Associate

Hiring Agency: 
Clean Air Task Force
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, Dec 31st 2017

Undertake analysis of key technical, economic, market, and policy
issues relating to the development and deployment of advanced
nuclear energy technology. Assist the Director in and lead in the
development of national and global policies and private sector
collaborations to promote advanced nuclear energy. Communicate with
decision-makers and the public about advanced nuclear energy though
reports, testimony, blogs, interviews, and other forms of
communication and outreach. Assist director in long-range planning
and fundraising.

This position helps anchor CATF action in sound science and economics,
leading to new and better policies that help advance nuclear
technology as a serious tool to address climate change.

The Nuclear Energy Policy Fellow will have the primary role of researching and
writing on a variety of nuclear energy policy issues to support ongoing work at the
Clean Air Task Force and our sister organization, the Nuclear Innovation Alliance.
Topics may include:
• Nuclear energy regulations in the U.S. and internationally; international
regulatory harmonization opportunities;
• The role of the Department of Energy and potentially other agencies in
supporting advanced nuclear energy development, including detailed
recommendations for the U.S. RD&D program;
• The role of international cooperation in RD&D and potential pathways for
developing advanced nuclear energy faster outside the U.S.;
• Innovative financing mechanisms for advanced nuclear;
• Security and non-proliferation characteristics of advanced nuclear
• Status of various approaches to nuclear fusion, existing barriers, and
potential paths to address those barriers.

How to Apply: 

18 Tremont St., Suite 530 | Boston, MA 02108 | | 617.624.0234

Ashley FInan