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Peter Hosemann

Department Chair
Associate Professor
4151 Etcheverry Hall

Dipl. Ing. (M.S.) Material Science; Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria
Dr. mont. (PhD) Material Science; Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria

Teaching and Research: 

Prof. Hosemann is interested in experimental material science for nuclear applications. His main focus is on structural materials used for nuclear components (fission, fusion, spallation, etc.). His research focuses on developing a basic understanding of the materials degradation processes in a nuclear environment and resulting consequences to engineering application.

Current Research Focus: 
  • Small scale materials testing on irradiated and unirradiated structural materials for nuclear applications. It is the aim to reduce the necessary sample volume to a minimum in order to assess the materials state while investigating the basic effects of radiation damage. Short Video
  • Investigating new advanced structural materials concepts (e.g. oxide dispersion strengthened steels) for nuclear applications using accelerated materials testing via ion beam irradiations.
  • Liquid metal corrosion of structural materials for nuclear applications. Development of a fundamental understanding of the involved mechanisms will lead to the development of improved alloying concepts and system operating techniques to reduce the corrosion issue.
Selected Publications: 

P. Hosemann, S.A. Maloy, N. Li, Corrosion of different steels in lead Bismuth Eutectic,Sonderbaende der praktischen metallography 38, (2006) 14, ISBN 3-88355-354-9
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P. Hosemann, J. G. Swadener, D. Kiener, G. S. Was, S .A. Maloy,  N. Li, “An exploratory study to determine applicability of nano-hardness and micro-compression measurements for yield stress estimation” J. Nucl. Mat. 375(2008) 135-143 
P. Hosemann, M. Hawley, G. Mori, N. Li, S. A. Maloy, “AFM and MFM characterization of oxide layers grown on stainless steels in lead bismuth eutectic”, J. Nucl. Mat. 373 3 (2008289-292 
P. Hosemann, M. Hawley, D. Koury, J.G. Swadener, J. Welch, A. L. Johnson, G. Mori, N. Li,“Nanoscale characterization of oxide layers formed on D9 stainless steel in LBE environment”. J. Nucl. Mat. 375, 330 (2008)323-330
P. Hosemann, N. Li, S. A. Maloy, R. R Greco, Y. Wang. I. Usov “The design, setup and operational testing of the Irradiation and Corrosion Experiment (ICE)”  J. Nucl. Mat. 376, 3 (2008)392-395
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J. Nuc. Mat, 403 (2010) 7-14
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P. Hosemann, Y. Dai, E. Stergar, H. Leitner, E. Olivas, A.T. Nelson, S.A. Maloy, Large and Small Scale Materials Testing of HT-9 Irradiated in the STIP Irradiation Program, Exp. Mech; 51 (2011) 1095-1102
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Webinar #7: Nanomechanical Characterization in Materials for Energy

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