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Massimiliano Fratoni

Associate Professor
Vice chair
Head Undergraduate Faculty Adviser
MEng Faculty Lead
Energy Engineering Faculty Adviser
4111 Etcheverry Hall

Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2008
M.Sc., Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2007
Laurea, Nuclear Engineering, "Sapienza" Università di Roma, 2004

Teaching and Research: 

Prof. Fratoni's research interests are in advanced fuel cycles that maximize natural resource utilization and minimize nuclear waste enabling sustainable nuclear energy. His main focus is on the design and analysis of advanced reactors such as molten salt reactors, fast spectrum reactors, reduced-moderation boiling water reactors, and fluoride-cooled high-temperature reactors. Prof. Fratoni's group also develops computational methods to support reactor analysis, and in particular multi-physics modeling and uncertainty quantification. Additional research areas include accident tolerant fuel, nuclear fuel cycle analysis, geological repository/far-field criticality, and fusion blanket design.


Areas of Interest: 
  • Advanced nuclear reactors design
    • molten salt reactors
    • liquid-metal-cooled fast reactors
    • fluoride-cooled high-temperature reactors
    • reduced-moderation boiling water reactors
    • small or micro modular reactors
  • Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis
  • Multi-physics modeling and simulation
  • Accident tolerant fuel
  • Advanced fuel cycles analysis
  • Geological repository and far-field criticality
  • Fusion blanket design
Supported Research: 

2017-2020 – “NuSTEM: Nuclear Science, Technology and Education for Molten Salt Reactors" (co-PI)
2017-2018 – “Advanced Systems Study for Performance of Geologic Disposal" (PI)
2017-2017 – “Developing Integrated Regional-Scale Radiation Dose Rate Maps around the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant" (PI)
2017-2017 – “Fukushima Shielding Evaluation" (PI)
2016-2019 – “Molten Salt Reactor Experiment Benchmark Evaluation” (PI)
2016-2017 – “Neutronics assessment of FeCrAl cladding in advanced reactors” (PI)
2016-2018 – “Nuclear Engineer Scholarships at the University of California, Berkeley to Support the Expansion and Diversity of the Undergraduate Program” (PI)
2016-2021 – “Nuclear Science and Engineering Nonproliferation Research Consortium” (co-PI)
2016-2020 – “Training the Next Generation of Nuclear Engineers: Graduate Fellowships at the University of California, Berkeley” (co-PI)
2015-2019 – “Training the Next Generation of Nuclear Engineers: Graduate Fellowships at the University of California, Berkeley” (PI)
2014-2017 – “Integrated FHR Technology Development: Tritium Management, Materials Testing, Salt Chemistry Control, Thermal-Hydraulics and Neutronics with Associated Benchmarking” (co-PI)
2014-2018 – “University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program” (co-PI)
2013-2016 – “Ceramic Coatings for Clad (The C3 Project): Advanced Accident-Tolerant Ceramic Coatings for Zr-Alloy Cladding” (co-PI)
2008-2017 – “Advanced Systems Study for Performance of Geologic Disposal” (co-PI)
2015-2015 – “Study on the Improved Methodologies for Material Accountancy and Control in Used Nuclear Fuel Management Options” (co-PI)
2014-2015 – “Advanced Reactor Technologies for Thorium Utilization” (PI)
2011-2014 – “High-Temperature Salt-Cooled Reactor for Power and Process Heat” (co-PI)
2013-2015 – “Neutronics Design and Selection of Ternary Alloy for Novel Fusion Blankets” (PI)
2013-2015 – “Support for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Programs” (PI)
2013-2014 – “Core Design of LWRs with Microencapsulated Fuels” (PI)

Honors and Awards: 

Early Career Reactor Physicist Award, ANS 2018
Reactor Physics Division Best Paper Award, ANS Annual Meeting 2017
Directorate Award, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Outstanding Research Mentorship Award, New Experiences for Research & Diversity in Science, University of California, Berkeley
Outstanding Student Mentorship Award, Nuclear Engineering Department, University of California, Berkeley
Alan F. Henry/Paul A. Greebler Memorial Scholarship, American Nuclear Society
Outstanding Student Presentation Award, M&C-SNA 2007
Best Student Paper Award, PHYSOR 2006
2nd Prize – ANS Graduate Student Design Competition, ANS Winter Meeting 2006
Graduated “Summa Cum Laude,” Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy
UCB Summer Institute for Preparing Future Faculty Fellow

Mentored students' awards
Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Award – Michael Martin, 2017
1st Prize American Nuclear Society Graduate Student Design Competition – Class project, 2016
Best Paper Award – Yishu Qiu, ISNNP 2016
ASME Best Poster Award – Xin Wang, ICONE24
CNS Best Poster Award – Yishu Qiu, ICONE24
Student Program Award – Xin Wang, ICAPP 2016
Best Undergrad Presentation in Mathematics and Computation – Michael Martin, ANS Student Conference 2016
Best Undergrad Presentation in Fuel Cycle and Waste Management – Matt Wolfson, ANS Student Conference 2013
Best Undergrad Presentation in Reactor Physics – Daniel Abercrombie, ANS Student Conference 2013
Most Unique Poster – Erica Quarrick, ANS Student Conference 2013

Professional Activities: 

Member of the Generation IV International Forum Education and Training Task Force
Executive Committee member of the American Nuclear Society Reactor Physics Division
Student program chair PHYSOR 2016
Student program co-chair ICAPP 2016
Technical program committee ICONE24, ICAPP 2016, PHYSOR 2012/2014/2016

Selected Publications: