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Edward C. Morse

4161 Etcheverry Hall

B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, 1975.
Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, University of Illinois, 1979.

Teaching and Research: 

Prof. Morse teaches the department's three one-semester courses relating to nuclear fusion science and fusion reactor technology: NE 180, Introduction to Controlled Fusion, NE 280, Fusion Reactor Engineering, and NE 281, Fully Ionized Plasmas. These courses cover many aspects of the physics and technology of proposed fusion reactors as well as current experiments in nuclear fusion, of both the magnetic confinement and the inertial confinement approaches. Prof. Morse also teaches the laboratory course Nuclear Engineering 104B, Nuclear Engineering Laboratory, which includes experiments relevant to reactor thermal hydraulics and nuclear materials as well as nuclear fusion. Prof. Morse also teaches course EECS 100 in the Electrical Engineering Department, Electronic Circuits for Engineering. This course is the basic non-major course in electrical engineering in the College of Engineering.

One of Prof. Morse's research projects involves the study of the spheromak fusion confinement scheme as an approach to magnetically confined nuclear fusion. This study involves experimental plasma physics and theoretical studies of MHD behavior and nonlinear radiofrequency wave propagation. This effort also includes an experimental study of the effects of boron coatings on plasma-facing components. Another project involves the development of the Rotating Target Neutron Source (RTNS) as a tool for investigating radiation damage in fusion materials. A study of the radiation damage properties of nonlinear optical crystals for use in the National Ignition Facility laser fusion device at Livermore is currently underway.

Areas of Interest: 

Fusion reactor design and applied plasma physics, experimental investigation of RF plasma heating.
Papers on Fusion Research in Adobe PDF format
Rotating Target Neutron Source at UC Berkeley
Experimental Studies of Compact Toroids
A Spectral Method for Magnetohydrodynamic StabilityTeaching and Research

Current Research Focus: 

Berkeley Compact Toroid Experiment
Rotating Target Neutron Source

Supported Research: 

“Experimental Irradiation of NIF Optics with 14 Mev Neutrons”, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Contract.

“Accelerator Optics for Heavy IU Fusion”, LLNL

Professional Activities: 

Reviewer for US Dept. of Energy Small Business Initiative.
Reviewer for NERI Proposals, U. S. Department of Energy
Member, International Atomic Energy Agency Coordinated Research Program
Consultant to: Schlumberger, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Associate Editor, Journal of Plasma Physics
Research: Experimental Irradiation of NIF Optics with 14 Mev Neutrons, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Contract; Accelerator Optics for Heavy IU Fusion, LLNL

Selected Publications: 

Edward Morse ``Eigenfunctions of the curl in annular cylindrical and rectangular geometry", J. Math. Phys. 48, 083504 (2007); DOI:10.1063/1.2760391.

Edward Morse ``Eigenfunctions of the Curl in Cylindrical Geometry ", 13th International Congress on Plasma Physics, Kiev, May 22-26, 2006 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, PD.

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Matthew Allen, Pravesh K. Patel, Andrew MacKinnon, Dwight Price, Scott Wilks, and Edward Morse, ``Direct Experimental Evidence for Back-Surface Ion Acceleration from Laser-Irradiated Gold Foils", Phys. rev. Letts. 93, 265004 (2004).

Michael Moran, Steven Haan, Stephen Hatchett, Jeffrey Koch, Carlos Barrera and Edward Morse, ``Downscattered Neutron Imaging", Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75 3592 (2004).

G.J. Schmid, J. A. Koch, M. J. Moran, T. W. Phillips, V. Yu. Glebov, T. C. Sangster, C. Stoeckel, S. A. Wender, and E. C. Morse, ``Calibration of National Ignition Facility Neutron Detectors in the Energy Range E<14 MeV", Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75 3589 (2004).

E. Morse, L. Dauffy, T. W. Phillips, and J. A. Koch, ``Characterization of CVD Diamond Detectors at SPIRAL-II, Proceedings of the SPIRAL-II Workshop, Caen, France, December 2004.