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Christian Di Sanzo

3115B Etcheverry Hall
Areas of Interest: 

Christian is a Ph.D. student in Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. His current research is focused on waste disposal for advanced fuel cycles and on breed and burn reactor design.

He graduated summa cum laude in 2007 with a Specialized Degree in Energy Engineering from the University of Bologna. In 2005, he was an exchange student at UCLA, where he worked at the Fusion Science and Technology Center on pebble bed blanket for fusion reactors. In 2006, he was visiting student at MIT, working with Prof. Coppi on the spontaneous plasma rotation in tokamaks.

Before joining Berkeley, he obtained a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 from UCLA, working at the Fusion Science and Technology Center on fusion-fission hybrid reactors.

Selected Publications: 

C. Di Sanzo and J. Ahn, Environmental Impact Analysis for Fusion-Fission Transmutation Systems, International Exchange Meeting on Partitioning and Transmutation, San Francisco, 2010
Ryan Bergmann, Tommy Cisneros, Christian DiSanzo, Brian Frisbie, Ehud Greenspan, A Search for Optimal Blanket Design for the LIFE Fusion-Fission Reactor, INES 3, 2010, Tokyo
C.D. Di Sanzo, M.A. Abdou, M.Z. Youssef, Transuranic transmutation efficiency of a small fusion facility for spent uranium-oxide and inert matrix fuels, Fusion Engineering and Design Vol. 85, Issues 7-9, December 2010, Pages 1488-1491
M. Landreman, B. Coppi, C.D. Di Sanzo, - Correlation between Accretion Theory and Toroidal Rotation Experiments (34th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics 2007)
C.D. Di Sanzo, B. Coppi, M. Landreman, - Confinement Regime Transition: Spontaneous Rotation Reversal and Collisionality of the Plasma Edge (American Physical Society, 49th APS Meeting 2007