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CHF Weinberg Internship

Hiring Agency: 
SINAP in Shanghai on TMSR and also INET in Beijing on HTR-PM
Application Deadline: 
Saturday, Mar 31st 2018

Planet Earth may be warming up at an ever faster pace with US pulling out of the Paris Accord. So it is of utmost important to speed up the development of an inherently safe and market-competitive nuclear power technology in time to replace the fossil-fueled plants.   However, of all known renewable and nuclear technologies, only the thorium-fueled high temperature reactor prototype module (HTR-PM)  and the thorium-fueled molten salt reactor (TMSR) have the best prospect to be an economically viable alternative  to the coal-fired power plants for base-load operation.   Like many reactor concepts, both HTR and TMSR were originated in Dr. Alvin Weinberg’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory more than half a century ago. They are now blossoming in many parts of the world, especially in China.   As a tribute to Dr. Weinberg for his vision and contributions, a CHF Weinberg Internship has been established in 2015  to promote international cooperation in inherently safe nuclear technologies.  Through this internship more young nuclear engineers will  be  exposed to the promises of HTR and the TMSR technologies.  Hopefully it can hasten the coming of a true carbon-free hydrogen economy. 


Applicants  must be a graduate engineering students and do the following:


Step1:  Prepare a description of research skills and publications or a summary of thesis research for acceptance as a summer intern by INET of Tsinghua University or SINAP of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Email write-up to

Prof. Li:  of INET, Tsinghua University

                        Prof. Cai:  of SINAP, CAS

Step 2: Upon acceptance by hiring institute SINAP(Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics) or INET (Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology) in Beijing,  negotiate internship  terms such as duty, duration, stipend and lodging etc. Email result to  Choong-Hsia Foundation:  for final approval.


Step 3: Proceed to make travel arrangement and prepare a presentation file about yourself at SINAP or INET upon arrival for internship duty in summer.


Step 4: After completion of internship, reserve one week to visit IFCEN (Institute of Sino-French Nuclear Engineering and Technology) in Zhuhai, Guangdong to  take part in an  educational exchange with IFCEN trilingual students.


Step 5: Upon return home in late summer, give a seminar to your peers at your home institution about your sumer internship experience  and lessons learned.


CHF Weinberg Internship Award:  Monetary award up to USD 2000.00 to cover nominal round-trip travel expenses upon completion of all above steps.   Deadline for application is March 31, 2018.  Please send all inquiries to    

Choong-Hsia Foundation