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UNDERGRADUATE Research Assistantship

Hiring Agency: 
Nuclear Data Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, Jan 31st 2018
An undergraduate research assistant position is available with the Bay Area
Neutron Group within the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium. This position
will support the development of the FIER code, a software package designed to
model the temporal profile of delayed radiation from fission fragments. The goal of
this project will be to extend FIER’s delayed gamma emission model to also include
delayed neutrons. This assistantship provides an opportunity to work with the FIER
developers to understand how the code works and make comparisons between
FIER model output and other community standards such as MCNP, empirical models,
and experimental data. The intention is to produce a peer-reviewed journal article
upon successful integration and benchmarking of the delayed neutron production.
Successful candidates must have a passion for science and an interest in theory and
modeling for nonproliferation applications.
10 hours per week, $15 per hour
• In progress undergraduate degree in physics, nuclear engineering, or related
• Dedication, motivation and reliability
• Good communication skills
• US Citizen
Highly desirable:
• Junior or senior level standing
• Understanding of ordinary differential equations
• Familiarity with C++ and Python
How to Apply: 

To apply, email with a cover letter and CV.