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ANSTO Summer '16 Post 2

Cameron Howard
Sunday, Jun 26th 2016

I've now fully settled into life in the Shire and gotten a working lab routine from about 8-6 and completed a few successful EBSD scans on my material as well as He implantation on a second sample. Still waiting to begin manufacturing samples. In the meantime, over the weekends I've done some more exploring in The Rocks downtown historic district in Sydney. The oldest pub in Sydney is called The Hero of Waterloo. Some of the early sailors from the late 1700s and early 1800s used to be Shanghaied in the basement. There was also a Bubonic Plague outbreak in 1900 that involved much of the neighborhood being demolished and rebuilt. Jack Munday pictured in the mural is the main man responsible for ensuring the survival of The Rocks today. 

Last Sunday involved lots of heavy rain, so it was spent inside at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. There were some excellent pieces, lots of variety, and it was all free!

The weather was much clearer this past weekend, although full winter is in swing now. The night time lows in Sydney are approaching freezing which is much colder than I anticipated. However, some friends and I were ambitious enough to brave it for some amazing views up in Manly and along South Head from Watsons Bay down to Dover Heights.