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UCBNE at the Pacific Rim Forum on Earthquake Resilience of Nuclear Facilities

Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2015
The Pacific Rim Forum on the “Earthquake Resilience of Nuclear Facilities” was the latest in a series of Pacific Rim Forum focused on nuclear enterprise issues around the Pacific Rim. The UCB Department of Nuclear Engineering originated these forums through the Berkeley Nuclear Research Center. In the current Forum, topics explored included risk-informed design approaches, advanced simulation capabilities, emerging technologies and emergency response and mitigation. Professor Peterson gave a keynote lecture on “The Importance and Value of Earthquake Engineering to the Nuclear Enterprise", and Professer Vetter both chaired the session on emergency response and mitigation as well as provided a presentation on his research on post event measurements and sensing. 
The Forum generated interesting discussion on the aspects of risk-informed, performance-based design, recent developments in advanced earthquake simulations, emerging technologies such as composite construction techniques for nuclear facilities and key aspects of how to communicate scientific information to the public in a post-accident environment.
The Forum was organized by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and Bechtel, with financial support from the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum and the American Association for Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology.
(Pictured: Top Row - Professor Per Peterson   Bottom Row - Professor Kai Vetter)