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NE Professors Win NEUP Awards

Friday, Dec 20th 2013

Congratulations to NE Professors Ehud GreenspanPer PetersonEric Norman and Peter Hosemann for winning NEUP Awards


It's been an exciting day in the Department of Nuclear Engineering!  We've received word that our faculty have been selected as PIs on four NEUPs and co-PI on a multi-institution Integrated Research Project NEUP!

Here's the impressive list:

Ehud Greenspan (PI) and Per Peterson (Co-PI): A Pebble-Bed Breed and Burn Reactor
Eric Norman:
Improved Delayed-Neutron Spectroscopy Using Trapped Ions

Peter Hosemann:
- Developing Ultra-Small Scale Mechanical Testing Methods and Microstructural Investigation Procedures for Irradiated Materials

- Research and Teaching Equipment for Nuclear Materials Characterization

- High Fidelity Ion Beam Simulation of High Dose Neutron Irradiation (Co-PI)

For more information on these NEUP Awards, please see: