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Latest News

Professor Peter Hosemann Elected as Chair of NSUF User Organization

Tuesday, Nov 21st 2017

Associate Professor Peter Hosemann was elected to be chair for the Nuclear Science User Facility (NSUF) User Organization. In that role he will be the liaison between the NSUF users and facilitiies and the NSUF management.


Grad Student Grey Batie award 1st Place for Presentation at NSBP Conference

Tuesday, Nov 14th 2017

Nuclear Engineering Graduate Student, Grey Batie, has been awarded first place in the Student Oral Presentations category at the National Society of Black Physicists 2017 National Conference, November 3-5, 2017 in Atlanta, GA.  Grey's presentation was entitled, "Room Temperature Fetal Magnetocardiography Using Optically Pumped Magnetometers".

Congratulations Grey!  


Graduate Student Daniel Hellfeld receives Awards at IEEE/NSS Conference

Tuesday, Oct 31st 2017

Nuclear Engineering Graduate Student, Daniel Hellfeld was awarded 3rd place in the student presentation category for his talk, "Omnidirectional 3D Gamma-ray Imaging with a Free-moving Spherical Active Coded Aperture" at the IEEE/NSS Conference, held October 21-28, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.


UCBNE Postdoc Manuele Aufiero receives ANS Best Paper Award

Wednesday, Oct 25th 2017

UCBNE postdoc Manuele Aufiero (Neutronics Group) received the Reactor Physics Division Best Paper Award at the ANS 2017 Annual Meeting for his paper title "Monte Carlo/CFD Coupling for Accurate Modeling of the Delayed Neutron Precursors and Compressibility Effects in Molten Salt Reactors.” For more information about this award, please see page 3.  


Dr. Rebecca Abergel to Join Berkeley Nuclear Engineering

Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2017

Dr. Rebecca Abergel will join the Department of Nuclear Engineering as an Assistant Professor,  beginning January 1, 2018.