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NE Doctoral Candidate Receives Award for Nuclear Engineering Software

Thursday, Sep 6th 2018

Campus doctoral candidate in nuclear engineering April Novak placed first in the advanced reactor systems category at the annual Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards in April.


Berkeley Lab Team Wins Data-Driven Scavenger Hunt for Simulated Nuclear Materials

Tuesday, Jul 17th 2018

Competing in a fictitious high-stakes scenario, a group of scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) bested two dozen other teams in a months-long, data-driven scavenger hunt for simulated radioactive materials in a virtual urban environment.


Max Fratoni wins ANS Early Career Reactor Physicist Award

Monday, Jul 2nd 2018

UCBNE Faculty Dr. Massimiliano Fratoni will be presented the award at the RPD session at the ANS Winter Meeting, November 2018 - "For his numerous significant contributions to the conception and design of advanced reactors, and for his dedication to training the future generations of reactor physicists." ~ANS