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UCBNE Grad Student Receives ANS Student Literary Award

Wednesday, Jun 15th 2016

UCBNE Graduate Student, David Frazer received a Student Literary Award at the 2016 ANS Nuclear Fuels and Structural Materials Section of the ANS Annual Meeting this week in New Orleans, LA. 

The Student Literary Award is presented to recognize the student that has presented the best full-length materials-oriented paper contributing to the development of nuclear energy at the Annual or Winter ANS Meeting, and subsequently submitted a full paper for publication in Nuclear Technology, other ANS journal or other nuclear materials journal for the paper:

D. Frazer, M.D. Abad, D. Krumwiede, C.A. Back, H.E. Khalifa, C.P. Deck, P. Hosemann, Localized mechanical property assessment of SiC/SiC composite materials, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 70, March 2015, Pages 93-101.

Congratulations to David and the rest of the materials group on this fantastic honor!