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Teamwork at Berkeley Nuclear Engineering

Friday, Jul 18th 2014

To become true multi-displinary specialists, nuclear engineers often work in teams and collaborate with professionals across different fields in order to solve large-scale problems impacting our society.  Students at Berkeley Nuclear Engineering areno exception.  Under the direction of Prof. Peter Hosemann, students within the Nuclear Materials group collaborated to compete in the TMS 2015 Bladesmithing Competition (to be held in Florida in March 2015).  Prof. Hosemann and his students visited blacksmith James Austin in Oakland to learn the techniques in forging a blade.

Nathan Bailey is the striker and Prof. Peter Hosemann is the the lead on flattening a forged steel bar in preparation of making a blade under the advice and guidance of Blacksmith James Austin.

Graduate students, Hi Tin Vo (Left; Nuclear Engineering) and Rachel Traylor (Right; Materials Science and Engineering) work together to flatten the forged steel bar.