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Professor Slaybaugh to Speak at SXSW Eco

Friday, Oct 7th 2016

Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Professor Rachel Slaybaugh will be speaking at SXSW Eco on Wednesday, October 12 in Austin, Texas.  Professor Slaybaugh will be part of a panel discussion, "Exploring the Advanced Nuclear Ecosystem" along with Assistant Secretary John Kotek of the Office of Nuclear Energy at the US Department of Energy, Nick Irvin of Southern Company, and Joshua Freed, Vice President for the Clean Energy Program at Third Way.  The panel will be discussing the recent influx of private funding to the advanced nuclear reactor sector and the new companies that have emerged on the scene to challenge the traditional nuclear energy model.

In addition to her panel participation, Professor Slaybaugh will also be hosting a "Lunch Club" on Energy Innovation that will aim to answer very important questions regarding what the private sector is doing to combat climate change.

Grist, the media partner for SXSW Eco, interviewed Professor Slaybaugh about her participation in the event and about why she thinks nuclear power is a good climate solution here: This young engineer wants to convince you that nuclear power is just what the climate needs