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New Berkeley Airborne Radioactivity Monitor System is Online!

Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014

The Berkeley Radwatch team has installed a new system that allows us to see natural airborne radioactivity, in (almost) real time. This system is unique world-wide as it is not only based on a high-resolution and highly sensitive gamma-ray detector which collects data continuously but makes the data available to the public on an hourly basis. The detection system allows us to measure and identify very small amounts of specific radio-isotopes we can find in our environment. 

This project represents an interesting intersection between research and public education to better understand some of the radiation that is part of the world we are living in. We encourage everyone to check it out and observe the changes over time. We will continue to upgrade the site by providing more information and detailed data from the nuclear radiation detector and the weather station. We will offer ideas for research projects to analyze and study the changes of radio-isotopic concentrations over time and correlations with the meteorological data we are providing.

Click here to view the (almost) real time Berkeley Airborne Radioactivity Monitor System.