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NanoFab Multibeam Ion Microscope Ready for Business

Monday, Apr 4th 2016

The NSF-funded multibeam Zeiss Orion NanoFab ion microscope (He+, Ne+, Ga+) in QB3-Berkeley's Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center is now ready for full-community access.  Nuclear Engineering Professor Peter Hosemann is a PI on the NSF grant.

Over the last year the tool has been tested rigorously by a select group of users for a range of imaging, nanofabrication, and implantation-type experiments in materials and life science. Researchers have obtained many exciting results, including high-resolution high depth-of-field imaging of porous materials and butterfly-wing nanostructures, charge-free imaging and nanofabrication of insulating materials without conductive coatings, nanofabrication of imprint molds and plasmonic devices, and the formation of helium gas-bubble superlattices in crystalline materials.

Zeiss held its first U.S. meeting for Orion NanoFab users in Peabody, MA last month. Images obtained on the new Berkeley instrument won top honors in an image contest at the event, out of about 30 entries from other U.S. research institutions, including national labs.

To view images and learn about the tool's capabilities and access, visit the BNC HIM page or contact Frances Allen,