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Field Trip to Pacific Steel Casting

Tuesday, Nov 29th 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2017 - The students of Professor Peter Hosemann's NE120 Materials Course took a field trip today to Pacific Steel Casting.  This local steel casting company, established in 1934, specializes in sand casting.  The workers showed the students the process from computer modeling engineering components to the final product. The students witnessed the pouring of stainless steel into molds as well as the quality control, mold fabrication and post-casting heat treatment, as well as  cleaning processes.


Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp: Tomorrow Today

Sunday, Nov 6th 2016

The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp will be returning to Berkeley in 2017, this time with a greater number of students and will also be opening up a module tract for early-career professionals.  The bootcamp mission is simple: Creating a clean tomorrow today.  

The Bootcamp will be held July 16th - 29th, 2017.

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Professor Rachel Slaybaugh at SXSW Eco

Friday, Oct 14th 2016

Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Professor Rachel Slaybaugh participated in a panel discussion at SXSW Eco on Wednesday, October 12 in Austin, Texas, "Exploring the Advanced Nuclear Ecosystem" along with Assistant Secretary John Kotek of the Office of Nuclear Ene


Professor Slaybaugh to Speak at SXSW Eco

Friday, Oct 7th 2016

Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Professor Rachel Slaybaugh will be speaking at SXSW Eco on Wednesday, October 12 in Austin, Texas.


NE Undergrad Hi Vo Receives 2016 Fuel Cycle Research Award

Wednesday, Aug 31st 2016

Hi Vo, a senior in Nuclear Engineering and Materials Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, has been awarded a prize in the Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fuel Cycle Technologies. Vo’s award is in the Undergraduate Competition.