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NE 260

Course Title: 
Thermal Aspects of Nuclear Reactors
Course Units: 
Catalog Description: 
  • Fluid dynamics and heat transfer; thermal and hydraulic analysis of nuclear reactors; two-phase flow and boiling; compressible flow; stress analysis; energy conversion methods. Offered even-numbered years.
Course Prerequisite: 
  • Mechanical Engineering 106 and 109 or Chemical Engineering 150B
Course Objectives: 
  • Present the principles of thermal-hydraulic analysis of nuclear power systems with special emphasis towards the analysis of nuclear power reactors
  • Develope the generalized form of the conservation equations of mass, motion and energy
  • Illustrate their solutions by applying to specific phenomena in the design of nuclear systems
  • Present a top-down view of reactor transient response
  • Illustrate how system models can be developed and validated against experimental data
Class/Laboratory Schedule: 
  • Four hours of lecture per week