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NE 250

Course Title: 
Nuclear Reactor Theory
Course Units: 
Catalog Description: 
  • Fission characteristics; neutron chain reactions, neutron transport and diffusion theory; reactor kinetics; multigroup methods, fast and thermal spectrum calculations, inhomogeneous reactor design, effects of poisons and fuel depletion. Offered odd-numbered years.
Course Prerequisite: 
Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Materials: 
  • J. J. Duderstadt & L. J. Hamilton, "Nuclear Reactor Analysis," Wiley (1976)
  • About 20% of homework assignments use UNIX workstations or personal computers and FORTRAN or C computer languages. Typically an elementary finite-difference solution of a diffusion equation, and a solution of an ODE system or radioactive decay schemes and/or a point reactor kinetics problem. Students will use several modern reactor analysis computer programs (GTRAN2, CPM-2, MCNP).
Class/Laboratory Schedule: 
  • Four hours of lecture per week