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NE 230

Course Title: 
Analytical Methods for Non-Proliferation
Course Units: 
Catalog Description: 
  • Use of nuclear measurement techniques to detect clandestine movement and/or possession of nuclear materials by third parties. Nuclear detection, forensics, signatures, and active passive interrogation methodologies will be explored. Techniques currently deployed for arms control and treaty verification will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on common elements of detection technology from the viewpoint of resolution of threat signatures from false positives due to naturally occurring radioactivematerial. Laboratory will involve experiments conductedin the Nucleonics Laboratory featuring passive and active neutron signals, gamma ray detection, fission neutron multiplicity, and U and Pu isotopic identificationand age determination. Students should be familiar with alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiationand basic concepts of nuclear fission.
Course Prerequisite: 
  • NE 101
  • Physics 7C, or equivalent course in nuclear physics
Class/Laboratory Schedule: 
  • Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory
    per week