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NE 194H

Course Title: 
Honors Undergraduate Research
Course Units: 
Catalog Description: 

Course may be repeated for credit once. Course may be repeated once for credit. One to four hours of independent study per week. Supervised research. Students who have completed three or more upper division courses may pursue original research under the direction of one of the members of the staff. A final report or presentation is required. A maximum of three units of H194 may be used to fulfill a technical elective requirement in the Nuclear Engineering general program or joint major programs.

Course Prerequisite: 

Upper division technical GPA of 3.3, consent of instructor and faculty advisor.

Course Outcomes: 

I.  Concept development

  • Make a written proposal for the project.
    • Set up a design goal.
    • Plan, establishing, and developing a concept into a realistic project

II.  Collaboration

  • Demonstrate ability to work with other team members, participating but not dominating the group, working constructively with others.
  • Prepare bi-weekly progress reports to instructor

III.  Demonstration, Presentation and Reporting

  • Prepare a written final project report and oral presentation of the report.
  • Participate in an academic conference or poster session, presenting project