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Department Faculty (1966)

AMSTER, Harvey J., Ph.D., Professor: Theoretical Physics, Radiation Biology.

CHAMBRE, Paul L, Ph.D., Professor: Applied Mathematics, Reactor Theory.

GROSSMAN, Lawrence M., Ph.D., Professor: Reactor Theory. Particle Transport Theory.

MARK, Hans, Ph.D., Professor (Chairman): Low Energy Nuclear Physics.

PIGFORD, Thomas H., Sc.D., Professor: Direct Energy Conversion, Reactor Engineering.

RUBY, Lawrence, Ph.D., Professor: Reactor Kinetics, Experimental Neutronics.

OLANDER, Donald R., Sc.D., Associate Professor: Materials Research, Nuclear Chemistry Engineering.

SCHROCK, Virgil E., M.S.M.E., Associate Professor: Reactor Engineering.

SMITH, Harold P. Jr„ Ph.D., Associate Professor: Radiation—Solid Interactions, Reactor Dynamics.

KAPLAN, Selig H., Ph.D., Assistant Professor: Enperimentai Neutronio.

PRUSSIN, Stanley G., Ph.D., Assistant Professor: Radiochemical Studies.

PYLE, Robert V„ Ph.D., Lecturer: Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion.

WALLACE, Roger W., Ph.D., Lecturer: Health Physics, Dosimetry.