EPA's Maximum contaminant level for cesium 134 & 137 in drinking water

Can anyone tell me what the EPA's Maximum Contaminant Level for cesium 134 & cesium 137 in drinking water would be in pCi/L? I have seen the limit stated as 4 mRem/yr, but I am not sure how to figure out what this would translate into in terms of how many picocuries of cesium can be in a liter of water under these guidelines. I know for iodine 131 the limit is 3 pCi/L, but I assume it will be different for cesium since it has a different half-life, etc.

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That equates to 80 pCi/l for

That equates to 80 pCi/l for Cs-134 and 200 pCi/l for Cs-137.

The EPA's Derived

The EPA's Derived Intervention Level for drinking water is the same for cesium & iodine = 3 pc/l.

See this Forbes article from Jeff McMahon comparing the EPA & FDA limits.

No it is not. It is the

No it is not. It is the numbers I quoted above. The EPA limit is based on 4 mrem total body dose or 4 mrem dose to most affected organ. 4 mrem to thyroid gives 3 pCi/l. 4 mrem for cesium equates to the values I stated above. If you want to calculate the values you need to review the 10CFR federal guideline for EPA dose calculations.

EPA summary

Here is an EPA document summarizing the drinking water limits by isotope:

Derived Concentrations (pCi/l) of Beta and Photon Emitters in Drinking Water

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FDA has set Derived

FDA has set Derived Intervention Levels for foods prepared for consumption. These levels do not define a safe or unsafe level of exposure, but instead a level at which protective measures would be recommended to ensure that no one receives a significant dose.