Sudden rise in radioactivity at Fukushima Number 3 reactor, Thursday, May 19, 2011 Japan

NHK World Japanese online news reports

"Radiation level at No.3 reactor water intake rises

The operator of the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima has reported a sharp rise in the concentration of a radioactive material in samples of seawater near the Number 3 reactor.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it detected 110 becquerels of radioactive cesium-134 per cubic centimeters in seawater samples taken on Wednesday morning.

The level is 1,800 times the national legal limit, compared to 550 times, which was reported the previous day.

The utility also found 120 becquerels of cesium-137, 1,300 times higher than the limit.

Last Wednesday at the same location near the water intake of the Number 3 reactor, water contaminated with highly radioactive substances was found flowing into the sea from a pit. TEPCO says it detected cesium-134 at 32,000 times the legal limit.

In its latest announcement, TEPCO said the concentration of radioactive iodine in seawater samples from the same location fell from 1,900 times the limit on Monday to 630 times on Tuesday.

The utility also said it detected radioactive materials at levels higher than the national limit at 2 of the 4 survey points along the shoreline near the plant.

It says cesium-134 with a concentration level 1.8 times the limit was found at a point 330 meters south of the water drainage gates of the Number 1 to 4 reactors.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 02:57 +0900 (JST)"

**BRAWM- How do you interpret this sudden rise in radioactive levels at Fukushima reactor #3? Any implications for near future problems that could impact the West Coast?

What we can learn from history

It's shows that we should rely a lot more on alternative energy, some countries are already enforcing this step and while it takes time to replace nuclear energy, it's the only solution in my opinion.

Morally Unfit to serve

Useless Liars

The nuclear power suspects & the greenies share one characteristic. They are both MORALLY unfit to be engaged in public discourse, on account of serial lying. Both groups, PROVABLY work against the public interest by their 'too clever by half' disinformation campaigns.

The so called renewables are useless. The Nuclear power groups conceal the real dangers associated with their products, and have willfully delivered dangerously defective products to the marketplace.

It is regretable.



Current status of Fukushima No. 3 reactor?

All is very quiet. Too quiet. Way too quiet. In this case silence is not golden. Has anyone heard any updates about No. 3 nuclear reactor radiation status?

Technique developed to stockpile radioactive cesium

May 20, 2011

Looks like the Japanese MAY HAVE developed a technique to remove and stockpile radioactive cesium!

A week ago they found a

A week ago they found a water leak in a tunnel between the turbine building of Reactor No 3 and the sea. I assume contaminated water is leaking into the ocean again, like it happened before with Reactor 2 (but that time they were talking about 7 million times the legal limit for Iodine 131, for example)

Thus, I don't think there is a "Sudden rise in radioactivity at Fukushima Number 3 reactor", but a leak of contaminated water into the ocean near reactor No. 3.

And based on Tepco reports, it seems the silt fences are completely ineffective, since the levels inside and outside the fences around the water intake are practically the same.

Any chance that No. 3 is

Any chance that No. 3 is entering another radioactive cycle, and is contemplating blowing its top again?


at Fukushima No 3 reactor?

Will be interesting to see

Will be interesting to see what the International Atomic Energy Agency Nuclear Accident Update Log has to say about Fukushima No. 3 reactor for the date of 19 May 2011, when the IAEA's log is updated.

It's the water intake

This is not an air release. So, it shouldn't pose any threat to the
US via air or rain. It does mean that continued contaminatin of the
ocean is occuring. We'll see what the means to the US when/if it
arrives on our shores.

Appearance of Control

I think they are cool with it going into the ocean because it somehow gives the appearance of control - people are more concerned with airborne contamination at this point. Also, it helps Japan in their ability to lessen the amount of land that will be inhabitable.

Aside from unedible fish, the problem is that it's going to kill off parts of the ocean which will affect the earth's systems.

This is ridiculous... how

This is ridiculous... how can we allow them to keep polluting the ocean. I'm not OK with just waiting a year to see how this affects us when the pollution arrives here. It affects the planet now. Can't the world do something to help stop this?? What is wrong with us!!!??

I hear you...

I understand, believe me, and I'm every bit as frustrated, horrified, and outraged as I suspect you are. But... What can we do about it? ...More to the point, what can THEY ( TEPCO) do about it, at present? Based on the current state of affairs, the answer may very well be: Not a whole helluva lot, folks.

Those reactor cores -- or, the hugely radioactive piles/puddles of corium slag they've metamorphosed into by virtue of experiencing unmitigated activity for unknown periods of time -- MUST be kept cooled, as completely and as permanently as possible... And that's merely to avoid ADDITIONAL explosions, emissions and sustained airborne releases, NEVER MIND what's pouring out of the plant. Imagine the situation firefighters would have to contend with if, somehow, they found themselves battling an uncontrolled conflagration at a fireworks factory -- or, better yet, a chemical plant -- unhappily, and more than a little ridiculously, perched atop an earthen dam with a majpr metropolitan area immediately downstream. You must pump, day and night, around the clock, simply ENORMOUS quantities of water out of the dam to ensure the plant doesn't blow sky-high, saturating incalculable populations with terribly harmful chemicals... But every ton of water you spray onto the raging inferno, serves to weaken the dam even further, bringing it ever-closer to total structural failure, which will cause the inundation, decimation and annihilation of EVERYTHING downstream. Throw in iodine, cesium, cobalt, cancer, and the strong possibility that entire regions of the affected country will be rendered more or less permanently uninhabitable should the firefighters fail, and we begin to apprehend the magnitude of the Faustian bargain we have all, consciously or not, signed up for, here. Stop pumping water, and we can wave at the Fukushoma Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant as it passes overhead, having been lofted into the upper atmosphere by truly titanic detonations. (I'm speaking figuratively, of course, though the contaminated materials would certainly reach VERY high altitudes if the entire site were to "go up". Continue the watering efforts, and run the risk of turning the Pacific Ocean into a potentially lethal witches' brew with a shelf life of a thousand human generations. You've heard of a Mexican Standoff? Welcome to the Japanese Suicide Pact -- with apologies to the poor good folks of Japan.

Believe me -- if there was a better option on the table, they'd have pursued ot, vigorously. Thonl what you want about the management of TEPCO, the nuclear lobby and regulators over there, the government of Japan -- whatever ELSE they are (foolish, corrupt, timid, ignorant, ineffectual, full of hubris, self-destructive), they ARE, at minimum, JAPANESE. They live in a nation ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY, INALTERABLY tied to the sea. Not merely by virtue of tradition, or because they happen to be an island nation, but because THEY ARE IN NO WAY SELF-SUFFICIENT. Much of their food comes from the ocean, as does their livelihood and their ability to survive, as an entirely import-dependent economy... If the ocean dies, or if their ability to harness the gofts of the sea goes away, THEY DIE. There will be mo mass exodus from the Japanese Home Islands. You thinl AMERICANS have love of country, our particular culture, our history, our heritage, our home? Try spending a few hours with some folks from The Land of the Rising Sun and listen to them talk about their culture, what it means to them, what they'd sacrifice to save it. My ppint is, THEY GET IT. Whatever else the Japanese people may be by American standards -- docile, trusting of authority, quiet, unwilling to give offense, deferential -- they are NOT Slim Pickens, waving wildly and shouting, "Yee-HAW!" as he rides The Bomb all the way down into a spectacular, though very very brief, atomic dawn. Neither are they, now, the nation we recall from the World War II newsreels and documentaries, that -- if you believe the propaganda, on BOTH sides -- was willing to die, to a man, to preserve in eternity the unspoilt glory of their Empire. This is a nation that has faced total destruction, sibjugation, even annihilation at several points in their history, and has built itself back up again, methodically, deliberately, joyfully, eavh time and has reinvented itself at every turn. They understand what Hell they have, inontentionally, unleashed, on themselves, their descendants, and the world. The beleaguered, perhaps naive, very likely inadequate folks at TEPCO, NISA, JAIF, NSC, the Japanese executive branch offices, and in a hundred other agencies, organizations and institutions very much included. They are not, at least at. This point, behaving exceptionally stupidly, insensitively or recklessly. Their hands are simply tiwd, and all they can do is continue to stand there, on the levee, putting water on the flames, and to pray the ground doesn't disappear from beneath their very feet.

Rick Cromack.
Allen, Texas

Hello Rick... NO MORE

Hello Rick...

General Electric (defective Mark-1),Tepco, must pay all the megafloats were needed for store radioactive water...
It´s cheaper dumping into the sea...
I understand it is the cheaper option to avoid radiation in the air...
No, NO, no... 1000 times NO.
They must pay all the megafloats were needed.

identity and behavior

TEPCO is not Japan. Japan is a feudal society locked in a death match designed by greed and stupidity and pursued by TEPCO. Shortcuts will be made. No one will bill TEPCO for the damage to the oceans or farmland contaminated with PU from dead seabirds and seabird excrement. The bill for a supertanker, transport piping and rigging and subsequent scuttling would have been very real. People and the environment will adapt with losses over countless generations to come. The financial interests behind TEPCO live and die from now on based on how big a con they can pull. PERIOD

Poisoning the planet for

Poisoning the planet for cash is called creating value.


I like how the reporting

I like how the reporting still talks about "fuel rods" in the reactors. There haven't been rods except in tge SFPs, where all that's left in the reactors is a blob of corium.

It is doubtful from my read that the corium isn't already mostly solid and cooled off. It servers a purpose to keep injecting borates to prevent further fission, and the water does probably do something to keep cooling the aparatus, but it may help to keep neutron flux down more than cooling at this point.

Tepco really needs to get a core temperature reading, where ever the curium is, in order to determine if they could switch from water to sand and concrete.

That should be their primary goal for stabilization at this point.