Are there any scientists who are monitoring plutonium levels around the world?

I'm looking for hard data, show me the numbers....

Korea reports Plutonium in

Korea reports Plutonium in sea water at concentrations that haven't changed since testing began in 2005.

More testing is required to determine if any of the material is from Japan's reactors.

Sadly enough, I don't think

Sadly enough, I don't think there are any

Plutonium: Marshall Islands Radiological Surveillance Program

"Under the Marshall Islands Radiological Surveillance Program, we have developed a new state-of-the-art technology for measuring the amount of plutonium in urine based on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry."

You might find this of interest in your quest for information re: Plutonium monitoring.

Do you like classic movies? While we're on the subject of nuclear events you might like to watch these on Netflix or rent any other movie resource: Desert Rose (if you can find it because it is not on Netflix), Bikini Radio (it's a documentary of the Bikini Islands Nuke tests and the results up to 30 years later!) and On the Beach.

-Off the menu for me as of Fukushima: All seafood including favorites such as Smoked Salmon, Squid/Calamari, Abalone, Crab, Fish Sticks, Anchovies on Pizza, Seaweeds, Tuna, Sea Salt, Hot Caviar of course and Ocean source products including nutritional supplements containing them... I'm culinarily depressed but at least I can go fresh water fishing!

how about carrageanan?

an additive in many foods and cosmetics that is derived from seaweed. Most of it is grown in the Philippines.