Xe-133 Effects

Looks like there's still lots of Xe-133 being transported over North America:


Could you please comment on whether you're able to detect radioactive Xenon using the setup in your lab as well as what the health effects are? Seems like most of the discussion here is on I-131.

See also Radiation Dose Estimates for Inhalation of Xe-133:


Material Safety Data Sheet for Xe-133

Here is the MSDS for the medical use of Xe-133. Gives lots of real information.


OR Just Click Here for Xe-133 MSDS

We cannot detect Xe-133, but it's not very dangerous

We are not sensitive to Xe-133 because it is a noble gas and so it will not get trapped in our 0.3-micron particulate filters.

But it is also not dangerous, especially in comparison to the other fission products we are measuring. See this comment on another post.

Also, I've described some caveats one should keep in mind when interpreting the NILU forecast maps here.

Mark [BRAWM Team Member]

Xe 133 Gas

Xenon Xe 133 Gas is Radioactive Waste until the activity has decayed to nondetectable levels. Radioactive waste must be handled in accordance with procedures established by your Radiation Safety Officer, NRC and other applicable regulations.

California Proposition 65 Warning
This product contains a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer.




XENON-133 is also used in

XENON-133 is also used in anesthesia.....which could explain why people are apathetic (kidding)

we are the future cancer cohort?

scary, how long will xenon go on, if we add all the effects of iodine, cesium, xenon, tellurium, I can't help but feel panicky

Fallout maps do show a large

Fallout maps do show a large xe 133 cloud over us.


Notify radiation safety personnel immediately.
The amount of material inhaled should be
assessed and documented.

who do we call?

Cancer risks impossible to measure.

With a 5.2 day half life for Xenon 133 and the effects far less than Iodine 131 or Cesium 137, I think this should be the least of our worries. The plume will literally be across the entire globe within a 10 days+. There are a number of isotopes traveling in the jet stream and unfortunately you'll never get the answer you want. If you are very concerned then you need to take precautions which is stay out of the rain if possible, limit outdoor exposure and watch the foods you are eating.

Unfortunately no one has the answers!! Cancer is a phenomenon that few understand, so it's impossible to measure or compare your risk to anyone else.

Well easily put though

Well easily put though cancer happens when something alters the DNA. If enough of a cancer causing substance starts attacking the blood and the body cannot regenerate as fast as its breaking it down then the cancer begins to form and spread. Its awful and evil. A grim reminder of why we should not manipulate, alter, or even entertain the notion of anything messing with DNA.
Its not our place. Some things should just be left alone.

Go here. This explains why

Go here. This explains why we are still having Xenon-133


You may have to go through the cache or current page, sometimes the web direct link isn't working. Other vids in media section also

Radiation Dose Estimates for

Radiation Dose Estimates for Inhalation of Xe-133
(5 minute rebreathing)

Estimated Radiation Dose (mGy/MBq)
ORGAN mGy/MBq rad/mCi

Adrenals 6.9E-04 2.6E-03
Brain 6.7E-04 2.5E-03
Breasts 6.4E-04 2.4E-03
Gallbladder Wall 7.0E-04 2.6E-03
LLI Wall 7.0E-04 2.6E-03
Small Intestine 7.0E-04 2.6E-03
Stomach 6.9E-04 2.5E-03
ULI Wall 6.9E-04 2.6E-03
Heart Wall 6.9E-04 2.6E-03
Kidneys 6.8E-04 2.5E-03
Liver 6.9E-04 2.5E-03
Lungs 1.1E-03 4.2E-03
Muscle 6.6E-04 2.5E-03
Ovaries 7.0E-04 2.6E-03
Pancreas 7.1E-04 2.6E-03
Red Marrow 8.3E-04 3.1E-03
Bone Surfaces 8.2E-04 3.0E-03
Skin 6.2E-04 2.3E-03
Spleen 6.9E-04 2.5E-03
Testes 6.6E-04 2.4E-03
Thymus 6.8E-04 2.5E-03
Thyroid 6.8E-04 2.5E-03
Urinary Bladder Wall 6.9E-04 2.6E-03
Uterus 7.1E-04 2.6E-03

Effective Dose Equivalent 7.6E-04 mSv/MBq 2.8E-03 rem/mCi

health concerns for a 7 month old infant.....?

We are blessed to have a healthy happy 7 month old 25 lb baby boy; is there anything to worry about? health wise .... If the answer is that the byproducts of japan's melted reactors will increase cell mutation/cancer, then the conclusion is that it is smartest to get out of the way... south of the equator we go :)


Well, that's just lovely. [nt]

Rick Cromack.
Allen, Texas