Ocean current moves from Japan to CA. Testing seawater?

In northern Pacific, the ocean current moves from Japan to California - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Corrientes-oceanicas.gif. Recently reports showed that the seawater near the Fukushima site has been contaminated. Are you interested in testing the seawater from bay area beaches?

California seawater is low

California seawater is low priority. The volume of the ocean is large, and we are very confident that radiation is many orders of magnitude too dilute to measure.

Look forward to ten thousand

Look forward to ten thousand years of contaminated sea food, since the cesium will accumulate up the food chain. Imagine ten chernobyl's being washed into the sea (the 4 Fukushima reactors which have melting cores still with no end in sight contain 10 times more fissile material than the reactor that melted in Chernobyl), since there is no end in sight to this. Who knows if it'll be safe to surf in CA for the next couple of millennia...

Read up on the Farallon

Read up on the Farallon nuclear dump sites and then adjust your perspective.

Vancouver seaweed contaminated

Many of us use kelp for nutritional support against radiation and other toxic exposure. Sea vegetables should be tested, especially considering that seaweed in Vancouver was already found to be contaminated: http://enenews.com/vancouver-seaweed-almost-400-above-international-stan...