EPA to raise "safe" limits

The EPA is at it again, they now want to change the "safe" limits of exposure to humans. The EPA wants to raise "Protective Action Guides" (PAG's) to levels vastly higher than those at which they are currently set allowing for more radioactive contamination of the environment and the general public.

"According to PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the new standards would drastically raise the levels of radiation allowed in food, water, air, and the general environment. PEER, a national organization of local, state, and federal employees who had access to internal EPA emails, claims that the new standards will result in a “nearly 1000-fold increase for exposure to strontium-90, a 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for exposure to iodine-131; and an almost 25,000 rise for exposure to radioactive nickel-63? in drinking water. This information, as well as the emails themselves were published by Collapsenet on March 24.

In addition to raising the level of permissible radiation in the environment, PEER suggests that the standards of cleanup after a radioactive emergency will actually be reduced. As a result, radioactive cleanup thresholds will be vastly lowered and, by default, permissible levels of radiation will be vastly increased in this manner as well."

This is very disturbing and I wanted the readers of this amazing forum to know this info. Remember, these are the same people who said the air was safe to breath on 9/11.

the global elite will still

the global elite will still be alive.

Interesting Article

"EPA's radiation detection system not 100 percent"


just another article how former BP oil spill workers are ill now


this article talks about how former oil spill workers were told it was safe to clean up the BP oil spill mess, some of them have come down with diseases but were told "it is safe"

I know how we can lower the

I know how we can lower the murder rate. Legalize murder. Overnight the rate of people being arrested for murder will drop to zero. Brilliant! I think I have a bright future in politics.

Murder is already legal

They call it collateral damage in military parlance, now all we have to do is institute it here at home and voila. Of course it would also reduce the government's approval rating close to zero, but hey there are new drugs in the pipeline to make people more compliant, but then then those pesky libertarian types would gripe about the violation of their freedom and all, hey I got it, make them the new terrorists and up that collateral damage. Yee Haw git'er dun and hey pass me another beer to wash down my Paxil. Hey keep it down Nascar is on, OK.

Either that or just kill

Either that or just kill everybody, then no more murder!

And I would have to agree with that...

...You DO have a bright future in politics.

Rick Cromack.
Allen, Texas

Where is a link?

Is there a link to source of this information about the EPA raising the limit?

here are links

EPA to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors

RADIATION EXPOSURE DEBATE RAGES INSIDE EPA — Plan to Radically Hike Post-Accident Radiation in Food & Water Sparks Hot Dissent



This article is about low level radiation. Very intresting

Japan Also Raised Decontamination Levels

. On Monday 3/21/11, Japan raised the threshold for human decontamination from 6,000 counts per minute to 100,000 counts per minute; more than 16 times previous limits---They have raised other limits as they continue to create new truths. Then they announce how nearly 90,000 have been screened, and ONLY about 90 have tested above the 100,000 level "considered to be the Yardstick" for contamination. The increase from 6,000 is nowhere to be found. So, last week, if you got a reading of 7,000, you received a full wash down and new clothes. Today, you test at 90,000 and the aide worker tells them they are safe enough---move along and contaminate everyone in the shelter. Sadly, I said no one would remember the increase six months from now---looks like it took less than a week.



Good catch!

Good catch!

Thank you and if I say

Thank you and if I say anything more atm it will not be very lady like. I think I am going to start a webpage for this issue. Today. My email
TheKillerBambi@gmail.com if you want to look me up on Twitter. Dont worry, just my gaming name.

Damn I am mad as hell rt now. Thanks for the info

I'm mad as help and Im not

I'm mad as help and Im not going to take it anymore. Creek water is safer than milk by 10 fold, its safer drinking thousands of litres of it than air travel? It is only a matter of time before California is hit by a large earthquake, and our nuclear power plants are on the beach just like Japan. This tragedy should remind us how vulnerable we are to nuclear catastrophe. Save the nukes for asteroids. Hydroelectric,wind,geothermal, solar, maybe even zero point. No co2, no nuclear waste. Lesser of two evils mentality should be discarded. Any country with nuclear power also has the money and science to create alternative power sources.

It is only a matter of time

It is only a matter of time before California is hit by a large earthquake, and our nuclear power plants are on the beach just like Japan. This tragedy should remind us how vulnerable we are to nuclear catastrophe. Save the nukes for asteroids.

Diablo Canyon is not "on the beach". Diablo Canyon sits on an 85 foot bluff overlooking the beach. The tsunami wave that disabled Fukushima was about 40 feet tall. Therefore, Diablo Canyon is protected by a bluff twice as high as the wave, whereas Fukushima was "protected" only by a seawall half the height of the wave.

The diesel-generators at Diablo Canyon are in water-tight vaults, and the fuel tank is buried like at your gas station instead of sitting on the dock as the Fukushima fuel tanks were.

Additionally, if you use Google Earth, and look at Diablo Canyon from on high; you will see immediately northeast of the plant two large pools of water. Those pools are located on the slopes above the plant and contain coolant water. Electric power isn't needed to use that coolant since it sits up higher than the plant and can be fed to the reactors via gravity.

Diablo Canyon is VERY VERY different from Fukushima, just like a Boeing 777 is different from the Hindenburg, although they both fly.

The NRC inspectors

The NRC inspectors documented in May this year a number of
specific problems with the Diablo Canyon diesel generators,
along with numerous other issues relating to earthquake resilience for the site as a whole.
The operator's assumption of being able to use the local access roads to bring in necessary heavy equipment after an earthquake and a site accident is particularly noteworthy if you know this area or look at it with Google Earth.
Some extracts of the report findings are quoted below:



May 13, 2011

"Notification SAPN 50389333:
Following an earthquake the check valves in the
diesel fuel oil vault could fail which could lead to flooding in the vault;"

"Notification SAPN 50389332: The main structural members of the fire truck storage
building may yield during an event. Debris may create a hazard/obstacle for accessing
the fire truck;"

"The inspectors found that in the development of extreme damage mitigation guidelines
Procedure EDG-12, “Start Diesel Generator Without DC Power,” Revision 0A, the licensee
had not considered factors that could limit the effectiveness of the procedure following on
extended station blackout event. , including the need for a greater volume of starting air
required to start the diesel engines without generator field flash, the potential for longer
starting cranking times due to the increase in lube oil viscosity following the loss of
preheating, and the need to overcome diesel generator starting air receiver leakage which
would be inadequate to start the diesel generator after ten hours if actual leakage occurred
at the maximum rate of the design acceptance criteria. The licensee entered this issue
into the corrective action program as Notification 50391963."

"The inspectors noted that the licensee had installed a sixth diesel generator in 1992 to
comply with the alternate ac requirements of the station blackout rule. However the station
blackout diesel generator was the same design and located in the same general location
as the other five standby diesel generators. All six of the diesel generators were air cooled
and open to the 85-foot plant elevation. The inspectors concluded the alternate ac and
other standby diesel generators could be susceptible to a common made failure because
of the similarities in design and location."

"The licensee identified that the memorandum of understanding was not in place with the
California National Guard for the contingency to supply diesel fuel to the site when the
main road is unavailable. The licensee entered this issue into the corrective action
program as Notification 50388838."

"The inspectors identified that the licensee did not have the ability to implement
Procedure OP D-1:V, “Auxiliary Feedwater System Alternate Auxiliary Feedwater
Supplies,” Revision 21, on both units simultaneously to support mitigation of a postulated
earthquake. Procedure OP D-1:V uses the diesel-driven long term cooling pump to
provide inventory from the raw water storage tank to the turbine-driven auxiliary feedwater
system. The inspectors identified that the procedure and staged equipment only supported
make up to one of the Diablo Canyon units. The licensee entered this issue into the
corrective action program as Notification 50391943."

"The inspectors found that some procedures to cope with beyond design events, such as
Procedures EDG-2, “External Spent Fuel Pool Makeup,” EDG-3, “Spent Fuel Pool Cooling
via Spray,” EDG-9, “Use of Fire Engine to Supply Water to Steam Generators,” and
EDG-6, “Makeup to Condensate Storage Tank,” relied on the availability of nonseismically
qualified sections of the firewater system for inventory makeup."

"The inspectors concluded that the procedures were in place and could be used as
intended. However, the inspectors plan to conduct further inspection to evaluate the
impact of high radiation and worker dose when implementing some of the procedures, the
ability to implement one procedure on both units simultaneously, the effects of a prolonged
station blackout on starting diesel generators, and the potential unavailability of the
nonseismically qualified firewater system for some procedures following the beyond design
basis earthquake and/or tsunami. The results of this inspection will be documented in
Inspection Report 2011003."

"The licensee had a contractual arrangement with a third party to supply an alternate
seawater source for cooling the component cooling water heat exchanger following a B.5.b
event. However, contractor would use the state highway system to transport the
equipment to the site following a beyond design basis event. The state highway system
and plant access roads may not be available following a beyond design basis event. The
licensee entered this issue into the corrective action program as Notification 50385040."

"Because Pacific Gas and Electric used the alternate ac option to comply with the station
blackout rule, the station does not have a coping assessment per NUMARC 87-00.
As a result,
the station does not have a calculation to predict when core damage would occur
during an extended station blackout event.
Operator access to important areas of the plant
would be limited after core damage occurred.
The licensee entered this issue into the
corrective action program as Notification 50391455."

"The inspectors identified that the beyond design basis mitigation for loss of the station
ultimate heat sink pumps included a replacement pump to provide seawater to the
component cooling heat exchangers by a commercial contractor.
However, the inspectors concluded that the contractor
may not be capable of transporting the equipment to the site
following an earthquake and tsunami. The licensee entered this issue into the corrective
action program as Notification 50385040."

The full report is at: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1113/ML11133A310.pdf

Wait, we were just told that

Wait, we were just told that radiation is GOOD for us. How can this be bad?

I think either we have lost

I think either we have lost our minds or they have have lost theirs. I am leaning hard towards them.

Just keep saying "radiation

Just keep saying "radiation remains subdued" over and over and over and over and over. Eventually, you will start to believe it and all will be well.

interesting quote on safety limits

"Two US States - Minnesota and Massachusetts - are attempting to set maximum doses to the public even lower namely at .00005 rem (.05 mrem or .5 microseiverts or .0005 milliseiverts) per year. This would bring nuclear and radiation industries in line with standards used for the chemical industries, namely to initiate no more than one cancer per 100,000 persons over a lifetime (70 years) (Note the standard for chemical industries uses cancer incidence not cancer fatality)" -Conservation and Environmentalism An Encyclopedia copyright 1995 by R. Paehlke found on Google books, page 543

If that is true it's pretty incredible - those limits they were considering imposing are WAY below current limits. It's just that the more radiation in the environment, the higher the safety limit rises, probably they just allow for more cancer to occur in the population each time they raise the safety limit.

please clarify

I am not sure I understand this right, is this actually a good think what these 2 states are doing, meaning it would result in increased protection standards or is it the opposite? Also, if it is an increased protection, how about the state of California? Thanks.

That is not something those

That is not something those states are doing - that quote was from 1995 and they never reduced the standards like that, it was probably abandoned and instead they just adopted something close to the national regulations. And if you reduce a limit you are trying to get industry to create less radioactive waste and you are trying to make medical procedures less radioactive so you would be attempting to make it so the public in your state get less exposure to all sources of radiation over the course of a year.

In my opinion, it is never a

In my opinion, it is never a good thing to regulate something you cannot measure. This is true in an engineered system as well as in social systems. To blindly produce stricter regulations without the mechanism to evaluate efficacy is folly.

My calculation puts 0.5uSv

My calculation puts 0.5uSv at 1 in 519480 cancer incidence in 70 years assuming 5.5% per Sv exposure. The 1 in 100,000 number should result in 2.59 uSv. This is all assuming the linear model. Can anyone find the exposure model they are using to justify these being lowered?

any new news on this issue?

Is there any news re the rumor that EPA wants to hike its permissible rad exposure limits? I cannot find anything; nor can I find the exposure model DChivers was asking for.


Authorities continue to insist there are no health hazards associated with even small increases in radiation. Obviously, that one in 100,000 is negligible right? Ok so maybe now it's 2 in 100000. Thanks for insisting we are in no danger. Tell it to the guy who hit the reverse lottery.

Right, then divide the US

Right, then divide the US population (307,006,550)by 100000,there will be still 3070 really unhappy sheople. More than 911.Apparently 911 was not a major risk? I don't think we will be warned not to eat or drink anything until they are sure that the damage to the people is more costly to them than dumping the milk or whatever.

Very much ...

appreciate the risk quantification in concrete terms Prof. Chivers!

Safe radioactive limits.

There is ABSOLUTLY NO SAFE limit. It is a made up LIE to keep you quiet.

I millisevert for the rest of your RADIOACTIVE life will finish you off.

Look at the rising FATAL cancer rates in infants & young people.

Add in the nuclear medicines, scans and the toxic chemicals in medicine.


There are at least 12 Chernoybal disasters melting in Japan. Spent fuel ponds & reactors.

Who really thinks there will be people alive in 5 years ?

five years...

Agreed. Hate to be so honest.

It is the particle dust, that will kill us. It is nano sized mist over everything and no bugger wants to measure of give readings about it.

I think 5-10 years is a good estimate.

Calm down. You are being

Calm down. You are being paranoid. The levels in the USA are above background, but they are NOT to the point yet where you will have a much higher risk compared to what people are normally exposed to.

The people in Japan are in a different situation. They have a MUCH higher exposure. There is also the unknown of what will happen with the radioactive waste that is discharged in the ocean. How far will it travel? How will aquatic life be affected? These are all unknowns, but yo are freaking out without a need to freak out yet.

Not much higher than

Not much higher than background yet most of the background radiation is external. This is elementary knowledge we should all know by now and I'm ashamed you would be willing to spit the same bulls--- the MSM has been this whole time.

"Don't worry, Japan fallout won't effect you any more than a roundtrip flight!"

People, we need to start planning on how to deal with this matter in a practical sense both overseas and here in the US. WE KNOW that TPTB don't care about us, so let's stop denying it. You want to know what the Gov't is willing to do? Research BURMA. LOOK AT JAPAN RIGHT NOW. Just read about the history of this planet and you'll know that no authority can be trusted. Look at what the EPA, our State Department of Health and anyone else "monitoring the situation" is actually doing. EPA trying to raise amt of acceptable exposure limits? EPA reduces monitoring?

HOW CAN UCB EVEN SAY "We haven't changed our diets/lifestyles/anything" when a "MELTDOWN" is considered worst case scenario. Now it's been confirmed we have THREE meltdowns occuring/has occured. The situation has NOT been contained yet and UCB's new raw milk data shows the highest amt of cesium yet within the last month.

We have been in a state of denial this whole time. Yes, I knew the situation was bad since day 1 but hesitated to warn family members until just a month ago after the worst plumes hit. Luckily, I was able to purchase 400 gallons of water pre-March 2011. That water split between 9 people though will not last that long. How about food? The first week after the disaster I worked hours in the pouring rain trying to unflood our yards. This was when the first plume hit. Do not make mistakes that will cost you your lives.

This matter is not going to disappear in a month or two. This will be with us for years to come and unfortunately, we will also be there to see the consequences. Every organization & persons whose lied in the light of these tragic events should be held CRIMINALS to all life here on earth. How many more deaths must we bleed because of greedy/selfish murderers?

This is a game of survival now friends. I still have high hopes for humanity. We can make it if we overcome our arrogance. Maybe, just maybe, that day will come. May peace be with you all.

One love.

Future Genocide due to radiation poisoning perpetrated by TEPCO

What I wonder is if it would be possible to present a serious case to the International Court of Justice in The Hague to determine whether or not TEPCO and its officers and various stakeholders, including the government of Japan, are guilty of a crime against humanity? Is there such a thing as "delayed genocide"? Not to mention that this irradiation of the biosphere is a crime against all life that is a part of Earth's ecosystem? This is the text from the Court's website about their role:

"The Court’s role is to settle, in accordance with international law, legal disputes submitted to it by States and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized United Nations organs and specialized agencies."

What do you think?

the global elite will still

the global elite will still be alive.