What are the radiation effects on California produce?

You mention that it would take around 500 liters of rain water to equal the radiation effects of a cross country flight. However, how does this rain water affect produce and crops grown in California?


I have read that the wild berries were quite affected by Chernobyl. What about testing blackberries?

Organic garden and radiation

I would like to ask if I can send you samples of the produce for testing. May you please email me. Thank you.


how come cali strawberries are selling for a dollar, $1 a lb., at wallyworlds[walmart] and other foodmarkets...here on east coast.

We have not quantified this

We have not quantified this yet. There should be an efficiency loss and we think the activity will be diluted below our detection limits. But, we are thinking of ways for testing this.

how about juicing?

Cant you use a high quality juicer? Or a blender? or both? It might be interesting to see which parts of the plants are concentrating the radioactive isotopes ... if any.

testing eggs?

is anyone testing free range organic eggs?

I was wondering this too.

I was wondering this too. Have you gotten any information on the safety of local produce?

bioaccumulation and foodstuffs

I have a cashe of canned thirty year old grains and legumes if you want some historical samples.

I am also connected with small farms throughout Northern California and amateur mycology groups here and elsewhere so I can get you collections with specie, location, date of collection and age/ stage of growth info. I can connect to other groups for you that can do similar work for lichens, mosses and berries.

Love to help.