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Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Program

In collaboration with other departments in the College of Engineering, Nuclear Engineering offers a one-year professional master's degree. The accelerated program is designed to develop professional engineering leaders who understand the technical, environmental, economic, and social issues involved in the design and operation of nuclear engineering devices, systems, and organizations. Prospective students will be engineers, typically with industrial experience, who aspire to substantially advance in their careers and ultimately to lead large, complex organizations, including governments.

The interdisciplinary degree will consist of three major components, comprising a technical specialization in NE (minimum 12 graduate units), a “breadth” curriculum of engineering leadership courses (6 units), and an integrative capstone project (5 units). See The Fung Institute for more details.



Nuclear Engineering Course Requirements:
  • 12 units of 200 level NE graduate courses in area of concentration.
  • Courses must be taken for a letter grade
Core Leadership Course Requirements:
  • 6 units of 200 level leadership courses consisting of:
    • Engineering Leadership I (3 units)
    • Engineering Leadership II (3 units)
    • Courses must be taken for a letter grade
Capstone Project Course Requirements:
  • 5 units of 296M A-B (Capstone Project)
    • 2 units during the fall semester
    • 3 units during the spring semester
  • 2 units of 295 (Capstone Integration)
    • 1 unit during the fall semester
    • 1 unit during the spring semester
  • Courses must be taken for a letter grade


Capstone Project:

Students are required to complete a capstone project. The project enables the student to integrate the core leadership curriculum with the concentration and gain hands-on industry experience.  The capstone committee must consist of two members, one of which must be in the department of Nuclear Engineering.  Both committee members must also be members of the UC Berkeley Academic Senate.

Oral Presentation and Report:

An oral presentation and a written report of the capstone project are required by the end of the spring semester. The audience at the oral presentation must consist of the students NE Advisor, instructor(s), peers, and industry partners.