Was Fukushima Daiichi Unit-3 producing Rocket Fuel?

Rocket Fuel?

Oh Oh, MOX is Plutonium-240 NOT 238,

Say, was Fukushima Daiichi Unit-3 producing Rocket Fuel


Ministry maps strontium, plutonium fallout - October 01, 2011

At six locations lying either within a 30-km radius of the nuclear plant or beyond that radius to the northwest, however, the proportion of total plutonium consisting of plutonium-238 was much higher than in residual levels left by the nuclear tests, clearly indicating that the contamination was caused by the Fukushima disaster, the ministry said. Plutonium from the latest accident had previously only been detected on the grounds of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012

Plutonium traces detected at 10 locations in Fukushima

Plutonium believed to be from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has been detected at 10 locations in four municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture, the science ministry said. The highest reading was 11 becquerels of plutonium-238 per square meter, detected in the town of Namie, the ministry said Tuesday. That is about 1.4 times higher than the level that originated from fallout from nuclear weapons tests abroad. The other municipalities are the town of Okuma, the village of Iitate and the city of Minamisoma.

The findings were from a survey in which samples were taken at 62 locations within 100 km of the stricken plant. No plutonium was found in samples from areas 45 km or farther from the plant, the ministry said. The ministry released similar investigation results last September that covered an area 80 km from the plant. This time, the ministry expanded the area to 100 km. In the latest survey, plutonium-238 was detected in 10 of 62 locations. The farthest point was in Iitate, some 32 km from the plant.

FDU-3 Plutonium Bomb - Atomic Explosion

FDU-3 Plutonium Bomb

At present it appears that TEPCO and Japan, Inc. wish to label the FDU-2 Hydrogen Deflagration as more severe than the FDU-3 nuclear Detonation. This TEPCO position is insupportable as is often the case for TEPCO official positions.

FDU-3 was ‘hot loaded’ with MOX fuel, (perhaps as much as 30%).
FDU-3 blasted Pu-238 (Rocket Fuel) over a 20 -30 mile radius. This implies a blast ceiling of 20 - 30 miles in altitude for the Rocket Fuel, using the basic trajectory model.
FDU-3 was an atomic explosion, (or moderated prompt criticality, if you prefer).
FDU-3 destroyed FDU-4 and destabilized the FDU-4 Spent Fuel Pool.
FDU-3 blasted debris into the Fukushima Daiichi Control Room.
FDU-3 NEUTRON Radiation INDUCED sky-high radiation values in the surrounding vicinity, including structural members.


Was Fukushima Daiichi Unit-3 producing Rocket Fuel?

MOX fuel From Wikipedia

Alleged Data Diddling

Japan Radiation Fiction

Reproducible results are a hallmark of science.
Gov't radiation monitoring posts not showing reality



GOVERNMENT radiation monitoring in areas near Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is unreliable, with heavily populated areas exposed to 13 times the legal limit of 0.23 microsieverts per hour.

Official monitoring posts placed by the government systematically underestimate the radiation levels," said Rianne Teule, Greenpeace's radiation expert, adding that some machines are shielded from radiation by surrounding metal and concrete structures.

"It is especially disturbing to see that there are many hot spots around playground equipment, exposing children who are most vulnerable to radiation risks."

Radiation levels in Iitate village, where the government is hoping to soon return evacuated residents, are still many times over the limit, with decontamination efforts patchy.

The disputed data:

The disputed data:

Estimated and measured 1m height environmental radioactivity level at monitoring posts in 47 prefectures (14:00 October 23, 2012)


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
3-2-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8959, Japan Tel : +81-(0)3-5253-4111
Emergency Operation Center - Katou - Tel : 03-5253-4111 Ex.4604, 4605


The above poster tells us the following about MOX:

Oh Oh, MOX is Plutonium-240 NOT 238

The above poster is in ERROR. MOX does not consist of a single Plutonium isotope. MOX contains multiple isotopes of Plutonium because MOX Plutonium is made in reactors. MOX is merely spent fuel that has already been in the reactor. However, MOX has had the fission products removed, since fission products are, for the most part, neutron absorbers, and hence are not conducive to continued operation of the reactor.

So MOX contains Plutonium-238, Plutonium-239, Plutonium-240, Plutonium-242...

The above poster also tells us about Plutonium that was found offsite from the Fukushima complex. The highest level found was 11 Becquerels / sq meter of Plutonium-238.

Shall we "do the math" and find out how much 11 Becquerels is?

The half-life of Plutonium-238 is 87.7 years. One can verify that by consulting the online Chart of the Nuclides hosted by Brookhaven National Lab:


Enter "Pu-238" in the box at right and pres "go" to get the data for Plutonium-238

Half-life of Pu-238 = 87.7 years = 32032 days = 768778 hours = 2.77 Billion seconds


Decay Constant Lambda for Pu-238 = ln(2) / Half-life = 2.50e-10 sec^(-1)

Now we use the radioactive decay law, referenced here:


The radioactivity in Becquerels is the product of the decay constant lambda and the total number of radioactive nuclie. Therefore:

(lambda) N = 11 Becquerels = 11 sec^(-1)

N = 11 sec^(-1) / ( 2.5e-10 sec^(-1) ) = 43.9 Billion nuclei

Let us convert this to mass. First we find how many "moles" this quantity is because every mole has Avagadro's number of atoms which is 6.02e+23:

Number of moles of Pu-238 = 4.39e+10 / 6.02e+23 = 7.29e-14 moles.

The mass of a mole is equal to its atomic weight in grams. In this case, because we have Pu-238; a mole has a mass of 238 grams.

Mass of 11 Becquerels of Pu-238 = 1.74e-11 grams = 0.017 nano-grams.

So the mass of 11 Becquerels of Pu-238b is less than 1/50-th of a BILLION-TH of a gram.

This is a vanishingly small amount. One would expect this because Mark of BRAWM told us how much Plutonium was released in total in this post:


If you sum the amounts of the Plutonium isotopes; the TOTAL amount of Plutonium released by Fukushima is a little over 2 grams.

About 2/3-rds of the Plutonium is Pu-239; contrary to above poster's claim that "MOX is Plutonium-240".

The fact that researchers were able to find 11 Becquerels is more a tribute to how exquisitely sensitive radioactivity detection equipment is; as opposed to a great magnitude of insult to the environment.

Once again, the self-righteous anti-nukes are making a mountain out of a molehill.

~ 3 Billion Square Meters

The Pu-238 is scattered over an approximate 40 kM radius,

This works out to ~ 3 Billion Square Meters, contaminated with Pu-238.

Rocket Fuel does not work out too well in the lungs of children.


The Fukushima Daiichi DATA is DIDDLED

The dimensional analysis is fine.

The ANSWER is wrong, because the DATA is DIDDLED.

TONS of high radioactive waste was scattered to the winds by the atomic explosion in Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3.

DATA DIDDLING undermines the very FOUNDATIONS of science.

Far too much DATA DIDDLING is going on.

But that is the present reality.

What an IDIOT!!

Our local anti-nuke MORON gives a post that shows a maximum radioactivity concentration of just 11 Becquerels per sq. meter.

I then show that the 11 Becquerels represents 1/50-th of a BILLION-th of a gram.

The data and references that I used pre-date the Fukushima accident and are well known and considered accurate in the scientific community.

Now our anti-nuke MORON tells us the data has been diddled.

The data / equations that I used are well known and accurate.

So that leaves only the data the anti-nuke MORON posted, the 11 Becquerels; that could have been diddled.

The only thing that could have been diddled is the data YOU posted, MORON.

If that data was diddled, then why did YOU post it?????

Of course, we all know the answer.

Because of his deficient knowledge, our little anti-nuke MORON didn't know how small 11 Becquerels were. He "thought" ( term used advisedly ) that he was heralding some major environmental insult because he didn't understand how small 11 Becquerels were.

Now when shown how trivially small 11 Becquerels of Pu-238 is; the little weasel has only one place to hide; he claims that the data he posted was diddled.

GEESH - give me a break from this IDIOT.

Personal Statistics

“10 of 62” (Personal Statistics)

Downwinders without breathing protection, within 20 miles of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit-3 explosion, inhaled plutonium (PU-238 - Rocket Fuel) about every 6th breath. The simple fact is that these downwinders can EXPECT a lung cancer diagnosis.

These downwinders are victims of a KNOWN defective design, General Electric Mark-I ‘containment system’, which was deliberately UPRATED with MOX fuel, for a 15% increased electrical power output.

U R Scrude


“In the latest survey, plutonium-238 was detected in 10 of 62 locations. The farthest point was in Iitate, some 32 km from the plant.”

Personalizing mathematics for the masses

Governmental Atomic Lies



Within three to five years after atmospheric testing, leukemia and other radiation-caused cancers appeared in residents of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada living in areas where nuclear fallout had occurred. Communities in which childhood leukemia was rare or unknown had clusters of cases in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In the 1990s, people in Iron County believed that those who lived there in the 1950s were guinea pigs and victims, like the sheep. They have adopted the appellation "downwinders," signifying they lived "downwind" of atomic tests. Tests were usually conducted when the wind was blowing east or northeast in order to avoid fallout over more densely populated areas to the south and west, including Las Vegas and southern California. Iron County is centered in the fallout arc. Even though it is impossible to prove that any particular person died or was afflicted by cancer caused by radioactive fallout, the perception of people living in Iron County is that atmospheric nuclear testing brought an epidemic of cancer to the area. The link between radioactive exposure and tumors can, however, be drawn statistically. There is also a local perception that infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects are part of the legacy of living downwind of nuclear tests. Long-time residents of southwestern Utah are quite comfortable blaming a multitude of medical problems on nuclear testing and wonder how many future generations will be affected.

Even though House subcommittee hearings in 1979 found that the government was negligent, that fallout was a likely cause of both adverse health effects to downwind residents and the 1953 sheep losses, its report Health Effects of Low-level Radiation stated that a cause-and-effect link cannot be forged between low-level radiation exposure and cancer or other health effects. Since these might not appear for years or decades, the Federal Tort Claims Act is impossible to apply and compensation had to come through legislation.

In 1979, congressional oversight hearings uncovered weighty evidence of AEC deception in 1956 and Judge Christensen reopened the suit. His fifty-six-page decision concluded that new information demonstrated that "a species of fraud" had been committed upon the court by government lawyers and federal employees acting "intentionally false or deceptive." He also noted improper attempts to pressure witnesses not to testify, a vital report intentionally withheld, and "deliberate concealment of significant facts with references to the possible effects of radiation upon the plaintiffs' sheep." He set aside his prior judgment and granted the sheepmen's motion for a new trial.

The U.S. Tenth Court of Appeals, in what has been called a "grotesque episode of American jurisprudence," rejected Judge Christensen's findings, maintaining that the material from the congressional hearings was not admissible under the rules of federal procedure. In the opinion of the appeals court, "nothing new" had been presented and it could see no reason to overturn the judgment of the court twenty-five years before. In 1986 the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of the circuit court decision. By that time, the older-generation ranchers were dead or dying. Only two of the original families were still sheep ranching; all had suffered financial losses. Hope of ever recovering damages ended with the disappointing Supreme Court decision in 1986.

Just doing what governments do.

Righting Wrongs


The STATES and CITIZENS of the USA should hold SWORN IN national government officials PERSONALLY responsible for such egregious acts against citizens, AND redress the grievances.

Amendment XIV provides mechanisms to accomplish the former, and the takings clause addresses the latter.




...in your WORTHLESS opinion

Your uninformed opinion is WORTHLESS.

The Courts, all the way to the US Supreme Court, have adjudicated this.

There's nothing more to be done in the legal realm; and certainly no Constitutional remedies, when the US Supreme Court has spoken.

It ain't over, 'til it's over

Time to overturn SCOTUS

Or if you prefer, upend and/or overthrow

On charge of INSURRECTION, as defined in Amendment XIV

EVERY provision of the USA Constitution was discarded during 'The Recent Unpleasantness' (War Between the States), circa 1860.

The Northern states, Southern States, all 3 branches of the national government, AND both political parties operated in an extraconstitutional fashion; during the Civil War, to disastrous results.

Here WE go again.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It ain't over, 'til it's over


So you want to have a Constitutional Convention or a full up REVOLUTION just because you don't like how a case involving a few people was adjudicated???

I don't think the American people would sign on to political turmoil of a Constitutional Convention, or a full up REVOLUTION for such a trivial issue.

Sure the issue isn't trivial to the few people affected; practically all of which are DEAD now.

So you want to subject this nation to a major upheaval so that the progeny of these "wronged" people can collect some money??

Or what do you want done?

Laws were not violated. Everything that was done was done with the blessings of the Congress. Do you want to hold Congress to blame?? They exempt themselves from any accountability. Your only recourse with them is to vote them out; and those that authorized the actions have long retired from Congress anyway.

You have no case, you have no victims; you just have your self-serving, self-righteous outrage, which the majority of Americans care not a whit.

Yes ... Whatever it TAKES


Doing whatever it takes, to restore the constitutional Rule of Law.

No limits, what-the-F-soever

If a ConCon or an 1862 style free-for-all are required, then so be it.

Limits ... None, Zero, Zilch, NADA

Academic Exercise

Breaching the Defenses

There are a wide variety of defense systems installed and or available to federal buildings. These include tunnels, lock-downs, barriers, assault weapons, trained personnel, and in some installations missile defenses.

It is an interesting mental exercise to consider viable mechanisms to breach these installations, and turn the defenses against themselves.

The gathering mobs are presently unprepared for the task. Weapon sales provide a rough approximation of the citizenry contemplating a looming breakdown in social order and/or the prospect of an order instituting martial law.

The population has not likely 'gunned up' for rabbits.



Part of what makes reprocessing so bad is the hazards of handling the radioactive materials involved. The processing involved in Np-237 Pu-238 production is vastly different. The hazard from fission-product is essentially nil, because there is no fission product involved. But Pu-238 is 247 times more toxic (by weight) than Pu-239. Both Pu-238 and Pu-239 are routinely handled with rubber gloves because the radiation is so non-penetrating. But a single dust speck of either one will cause certain lung cancer if inhaled. If Pu-239 dust gets loose in a room, then that room becomes uninhabitable, but if Pu-238 dust gets loose in a room, then the whole building becomes uninhabitable. That is the magnitude of the handling risk of this process. (Note, polonium is even more active, 231x more active than Pu-238. It is so energetic it has a reputation for not staying in the containers where it is put.)

Oops, killed earth's human population, just for a space battery:

The planned uses border on insanity when sanely contemplated. If a space-probe such as Cassini burns up in earth's atmosphere, it could kill millions. I've heard that the Environmental Impact Statement for one of these probes says that if it malfunctions in the worst way, then it could adversely affect one billion people. I've seen published statements minimizing the dangers of the probes. One of these "worst-case" analyses was calculated mistakenly using the data for Pu-239. It neglected to factor in the increased activity of Pu-238 relative to Pu-239. Because Pu-238 is 247 times more radioactive than Pu-239, a "lethal particle" of Pu-238 is only 1/247 the mass of a "lethal particle" of Pu-239. Correcting the worst-case analysis from Pu-239 to Pu-238: the same mass, optimally divided, would yield 247 times as many lethal particles and therefore 247 times as many fatailities, using the same statistics as the original. But an additional adjustment is needed: a particle 1/247 the mass has 1/247 the volume and therefore 1/6.27 the diameter. The smaller particle would fall about 6.27 times slower. That would multiply the fatal inhaled doses again by 6.27, using the original statistics. The two corrections mean a combined multiplication of 1549 times, , when translating from Pu-239 to an equal mass of Pu-238.

Only IDIOT anti-nukes believe the above tripe!!

Only IDIOT anti-nukes believe:

Oops, killed earth's human population, just for a space battery:

The Cassini mission went off very well; without a hitch. ( I guess that irks the anti-nukes no end that their bit of fear mongering was all for naught. )

In any case, only the IDIOTS that believe Helen Caldicott's nonsense that a single kilogram of Plutonium can wipe out all life on Earth if it is let loose into the environment. That's just Caldicott's "fear-mongering", and the gullible simpletons fell for it.

In actuality, there are 10 metric tonnes of Plutonium in the environment courtesy of the atmospheric testing in the 1940s and 1950s. The reference to this is courtesy of the George Perkins Marsh Institute at Clark University:


On page 5 under the heading "Fallout" we have:

The largest amount of plutonium released into the environment comes from atmospheric bomb testing (1945-1962). About 10 metric tons of plutonium were released into the atmosphere as a result of these tests.

So the actual amount of plutonium that is in the environment is 10,000 times the amount that Helen Caldicott says will wipe out all life on Earth. She is WRONG by greater than a factor of 10,000 in the danger due to Plutonium.

A "battery" just wasn't a solution for Cassini; the power requirements were too great for a battery. Solar panels were out of the question also, since Cassini was destined for the far reaches of the solar system where the Sun is but a speck in the sky.

So the RTG - radioisotope thermal generators on Cassini were essentially the only option; and they worked well and worked safely.

Again, the success of Cassini IRKS the anti-nukes so much because they said it was going to be a disaster.

People should know better than to listen to the anti-nukes. They are always WRONG.

Fallen to earth

SEVERAL of these gawdamn space batteries HAVE fallen to earth.

Thus WE are swimming in a veritable SEA of death, disease and destruction.

The neoplasm (cancer/leukemia) death rate would have plummeted, years ago; were it not for Anthropogenic radiation exposure.

PRODUCTIVE human Life expectancy would be bumping 120 years by now, IF significant efforts were made to reduce exposure to reduce natural and man-made radioactive exposures.

Nuclear Power Plays are keeping the cancer rate FLAT, when it should be dropping.

Hmmmm Hmmmm

Isotope List

It used to be EASY to google up that gosh-darned CTBO isotope list of fission products for atomic bombs and nuclear reactors. Of course, it WAS prominently displayed on the CTBO web page, oh for the last 20 years or so.

I have a copy (or 3) SOMEWHERE in that lllooonnggg list of archived documents. WHAT is the name of that sumbeech? Soooo many PDF files and soooo many word documents.

Heck, we even blogged about it on one of these two BRAWM sites.

No hurry, it'll turn up.

NeptuniumXXX, Pu-xxx, Uxxx ...

Truth will out!

Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm

Next search.

Maybe, I should use a different: computer, web host, search engine and vocabulary ...

x x x ooo

Nope, that didn't work ... either.

A stupid secret is a secret that used to be in the public realm.

So many copies, so many archives, so many links ...

So many archivists ... including me ...

It'll turn up.


Where did you look????

There's plenty of information available courtesy of the CTBT Organization:

General Overview of the Effects of Nuclear Testing


Understanding the Nuclear Explosion Source


Scientists from around the world are researching the topic.

Unfortunately, that isn't consistent with the anti-nuke's mantra that all the countries of the world are hiding the results.

Therefore, the anti-nukes are required to shut their eyes and not believe.

Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm

Good News - Bad News

The Good News is ... I found a CTBO Link to the atomic explosion isotope page.

The Bad News is ... it leads to a blank page

Gee Whiz Beaver, maybe they moved it. Dad's gonna be real sore!


Don't you just LUV 'hide & go seek'?

Don't keep it a secret...

If you really found something; then don't keep it a secret.

TELL US what the URL is for the CTBTO link that leads to a blank page.

I'd like to CONFIRM what you said, and see that the CTBTO page is indeed blank.

Tell us the URL; inquiring minds want to see it for ourselves.

( I bet you he doesn't tell us!!! )

Just Playing YOUR game

Hide & Go Seek,

We are merely playing a variation on the ProNuke game of 'hide & go seek'.

You guys have been doing this for decades.

You 'dish it out' but you can't 'take it'.

Deal with it!