I’m sure authorities in US are detecting contamination from Fukushima Daiichi in fish on West Coast and not telling people


West Coast to demand of their state government to take some samples because the US government is not taking samples. And of course what samples are being taken, if it’s below an arbitrary number, the authorities are not announcing what that number is.

I’m sure the authorities have caught fish and they’re contaminated and to avoid a public health scare, or more likely to avoid a business collapse in the fisheries, they’re not telling people what the number is.

Is the radiation high or low? I don’t know, but I’m sure they’re detecting it in fish even on the West Coast of the United States.


Roger That

or in other words ... No Chit Sherlock!

Obama is a Liar. Obama is a Lie.

So WHAT do you expect from ... Team Obama?

Of Course the Feds are collecting the data, and clamping a lid on it.

... Just one more of a long litany of lies and frauds ...

In the ALL NEW,


ALL FRAUD Government

Yo Yo (You're On Your Own)


USA Seafood Safety Testing

USA Seafood Safety Testing
Tue, 2012-08-21 14:16.

Radiation Limits/Potential

Radioisotope half-lives: Cesium-126 (1.64 minutes); Cesium-129 (1.336 days); Cesium-131 (9.69 days); Cesium-132 (6.48 days); Cesium-133 (stable); Cesium-134 (2.065 years); Cesium-135 (2,300,000 years); Cesium-136 (13.16 days); Cesium-137 (30.2 years); Cesium-138 (32.2 minutes); Cesium-139 (9.3 minutes).

DECAY PATHWAY: Cesium-134, half-life 2.065 years, decays via beta(-) emission (27% ,88.6 keV maximum, 23.1 keV average energy; 70% ,668 keV maximum, 210 keV average energy) and gamma emission (abs intensities: 97.6% 605 keV; 85.5% 796 keV; 15.4% 569 keV) to barium-134, half-life stable

DECAY PATHWAY: Cesium-137, half-life 30.07 years, 5.6% decays via beta(-) emission (5.6%, 1176 keV maximum, 416.3 keV average energy) to barium-137, half-life stable; 94.4% decays via beta(-) emission (514 keV maximum, 174 keV average energy) to barium-137m, half-life 2.55 min, decays via isomeric transition (gamma emission, 661.6 keV) to barium-137, half-life stable




Fukushima FrankenFare

USDA ...

Just another Obama Death Squad

The USDA is apparently doing NOTHING to prevent import of Fukushima FrankenFare.

Fish, Tea, Rice, Beef and other foods sourced from the Fukushima region are not labeled or excluded from the USA marketplace. No 'made in Japan' labels, or grown in the USA labels are present in the grocery stores.

Rather than PROTECTING the USA consumer, the USDA is actively preventing us from even protecting ourselves.

FrankenFare Food FRAUD, courtesy of the USDA and Team Obama.

The USDA is just one more Obama Death Squad killing USA citizens. At least, when George Bush tried to hide the source farm of the poison Mexico tomatoes, the USDA found a way to get the word out. They systematically CLEARED every source BUT the offending farm in Mexico.

Now the USDA has joined the rest of Obama's Murdering Thugs!

Franken Fish

Franken Fish

Frankenfish, contaminated, diseased and mutated by the continuing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters, is available at your local grocery store.

European refusal of Fukushima contaminated products is a well considered public policy.

Unfortunately, the USA and Canada, our more prosperous neighbor to the north continue to allow Fukushima Radionuclide Contaminated Frankenfood (Frankenfare) into the marketplace. Frankenfare is a dining nightmare, best left to mutation comic book heroes. Real life mutation causes deformity, illness, weakness and death, not super powers.

Please pass ALL the Japanese tea, fish, rice and beef to the WIPP site in New Mexico; for a few more half-lives.

Yuck, gross, NASTY, EEYEW!

Fukushima Frankenfare mutates and transmogrifies ALL the way up the food chain.


Government gets same results as BRAWM

The Government labs are getting the same results as BRAWM.

When BRAWM tests fish and other foods; they come back clean.

The Government labs are getting the same results.

Why do you assume that the Government is measuring contamination and not telling you?

BRAWM Fish Tests????

I'm not aware of a singe test on fish conducted by BRAWM. If you are, how did you get that info? I suspect you just making things up for a few pennies a post.

WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!! little anti-nuke...

It was in one of the threads. Someone sent them some fish to test.

Additionally, a poster named James sent some fish to be tested to the OSU Radiation Center for testing, and BRAWM member Mark interpreted the results as detailed in this post that showed the results to be non-detections:


BRAWM Fish Tests????

Someone may have sent BRAWM some fish, but results were never posted. Obviously a savvy individual such as yourself would have posted a link if it existed. Did they test it? I'd say no, or they would have posted the results.

As for the old link you did post, I read it when it went up and, no, BRAWM did not conduct the test, they merely helped interpret the results. Note that the Salmon tested were most likely returning on their migration and were not exposed to the contaminated waters. A test on Tuna would be much more telling.

In regards to your use of ALL CAPS and your idiotic comment, I feel sorry for you.

While I agree that some West

While I agree that some West Coast fish may show contamination, this thread could not help but remind me of a forum participant who had a couple of fish tested and they came back clean...


I know that Gundersen has this info - I emailed it to him.

I will say (for the millionth time) that I wish our gov-co would show a little concern about this issue and set up a robust and believable testing protocol.

BC 7/30/12

Since when

Since when do you really trust the government to be concerned about your health? Honestly, look around and open up your eyes. Do you see all the law suit commericals on late night tv for the drugs that were once approved for taking? Some of these drugs even had like four minute commercials running. How about the food you buy at Mc Donalds? This is all legal stuff.

The government can not be trusted when it comes to your health. To complain that they are liable is a waste of time, they are married to the big corporations and big pharma. They must comply with these entities regardless the implications on your health.

It is shocking but true. I am on your side it is a sick society, but the reality is that each one of us is responsible for researching and identifying what we eat and consume.

Food Source

The USA once had 'truth in labeling' and origin point requirements for FOOD.

Made in Japan, USA, China, Mexico ...

Grown in Idaho, British Columbia CA, Chihuahua, MX ...

Caught in Alaska, Scotland, South Korea ...

Now, with Team Obama, we can't even read the labels and avoid:

Tea from Japan
Fish from Fukushima
Beef from Fukushima

The USA government is now ACTIVELY preventing us from looking out for ourselves, by reading the SOURCE labels. There are no source labels.

Thanks for that, NOT